Morton System Saver 27,000-Grain Water Softener Review | Model M27

    Morton M27

    Demand Initiated Regeneration: Morton M27

    •    Price: $$
    •    Flow Rate: 6.5 gpm
    •    Capacity: 27,000 Grains
    •    No. of People: up to 4
    •    Metered Regen:

    The Morton System Saver M27 is a 27,000-grain softening unit that works on both city and well water sources.

    It’s manufactured in Ripley, MS – love it – and has a compact space-saving design that also makes the installation a lot easier.

    What’s more, the M27 has a maximum hardness removal capacity of up to 95 grains per gallon, which is considered exceptionally hard water.

    Using an ion exchange process, it’ll remove calcium and magnesium from your water to reduce scaling and increase the longevity of your plumbing system and household appliances.

    You will also notice a decrease or complete absence of stains on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures and clothing, and your skin will benefit, too.

    The softener is rated at 6.5 gallons per minute service flow rate, making it a great fit for families of 4 or less.

    By the way, clear-water iron will be taken care of, as well. Up to 7 ppm should not be a problem – that’s the system’s maximum reduction capacity according to WQA test data. As always, red-water iron, iron bacteria and organic iron won’t be affected.

    The minimum/maximum water pressure at which this system can operate is 20 to 125 psi.

    And lastly, you get a 10-year limited warranty on the tank + 1 year on other parts.

    What type of salt should you be using?

    Morton recommends System Saver II Pellets. If that is unavailable, any clean pellet-style softening salt should do the trick.

    What We Like

    There are three main advantages that we wanted to mention here:

    • 1. The Morton M27 27,000-Grain Water Softener makes use of demand initiated regeneration to minimize the amount of brine and water used for recharging its resin. FYI: Softeners from back in the day used timer-based regeneration where a system would regenerate in a certain time interval, such as every 5 days. It would always be a full regeneration cycle no matter how much water you had used. Demand regeneration on the other hand monitors your water usage and only regenerates as needed, which will maximize salt and water efficiency.
    • 2. Morton’s patented “Look Ahead“-technology allows the system to learn your water usage patterns. This way it can predict future needs and initiate regen cycles accordingly.
    • 3. All Morton softeners conform to NSF Standard 44 (hardness reduction and efficiency) requirements for their specific performance claims. A Standard 372 certification for lead compliance has also been awarded.

    Morton M27

    Installation + Startup Instructions

    Generally speaking, single-tank water softeners are much easier to hook up than those that come with a separate brine tank.

    So if you are an experience DIYer and maybe even have completed some smaller plumbing projects, you should not have any problems installing the Morton M27.

    The provided instructions are decent.

    To give you a better idea of what to expect, here is a basic outline of the process:

    If a softener is not equipped with a bypass valve, we recommend you provide for one for ease of maintenance. Also, make sure to comply with local plumbing codes.

    1. When selecting an installation location, avoid direct sunlight and places where temperatures below the freezing point can occur. Choose a location upstream of your water heater and all plumbing connections except for outside lines. And lastly, a drain and a power outlet have to be nearby.
    2. Close your home’s main water supply valve.
    3. Shut off your water heater.
    4. Drain the remaining water by opening all faucets in your home.
    5. Remove the system’s top cover together with the salt lid. Make sure the brinewell is secured and vertical.
    6. Lift the brine valve out of the brinewell. Double check that the float stem is parallel to the stand tube. Place the brine valve back into the bottom of the brinewell and reinstall the brinewell cover.
    7. Install the overflow grommet and elbow on the brine tank into the 13/16” diameter hole in the back wall.
    8. Move the system into its desired location. Make sure that it’s level.
    9. Coat the O-rings on the bypass valve with silicone grease.
    10. Push the bypass valve into the softener valve as far as possible. Secure with large holding clips (included).
    11. Connect the main water pipe to the inlet and outlet ports of the bypass valve. Be sure that the hard water supply goes into the system’s valve inlet side (marked).
    12. To install the valve drain hose, connect the 3/8″ drain line (included) to the valve drain fitting. Secure with hose clamp.
    13. Run the drain hose to the floor drain and secure it. Remember to leave an air gap.
    14. Install the salt storage tank overflow hose by connecting the provided 3/8″ drain line to the tank’s overflow elbow. Secure with clamp.
    15. Run the hose to the floor drain.
    16. Open at least 2 soft cold water faucets nearby the softener.
    17. Put the system into “bypass” mode.
    18. Open the main water supply valve. Wait until there is a steady flow from the opened faucets with no air bubbles.
    19. Put softener into “service” mode. See manufacturer instructions for this step!
    20. After 3 minutes, open a hot water faucet to purge all remaining air. Close the faucet.
    21. Close all cold water faucets.
    22. Check everything for leaks.
    23. Add about 3 gallons of water to the brine tank and fill it with salt.
    24. Plug in the power supply.
    25. Put the top cover and salt lid back on.
    26. Before you restart your water heater, make sure to program the controller and sanitize the whole softening unit.

    3. Video

    Michael from Trust Me, I’m An Idiot does a great job at explaining how to install a Morton softener. The model featured in the video is the M34, so not the exact same, but it should do the job.

    The Package (Parts)

    • All-in-one resin/brine tank (gray), 19″ x 22.5″ x 44″, holds up to 200 lb of salt, resin = 0.73 cubic feet
    • Bypass valve
    • Drain hose
    • Installation adaptors
    • Clips
    • Hose clamps
    • Adaptor elbow
    • Grommet

    Programming, Settings & Maintenance

    The Morton M27 can be programmed in 3 easy steps.

    First, you have to set the time of day. If the display does not say “PRESENT TIME“, press the SELECT button until it does. Set the current time using the UP and DOWN buttons. Hit SELECT.

    Next, insert your hardness level in grains per gallons. Again, use the UP and DOWN buttons. Hit SELECT.

    The M27 automatically regenerates when it needs to based on your water usage. You can set the time of day when you want these recharge cycles to start. Use the UP and DOWN buttons. Remember that the unit won’t be able to provide any softened water while regenerating, so any time during the night is always a great idea. Hit SELECT.

    You can also activate additional features such as salt efficiency.


    You can find an instruction manual for Morton softener models M20, M27, M30, M34 and MC30 here.

    What We Don’t Like

    It’s funny, some customers say that Morton made it difficult for them to make a warranty claim. They state that the service is downright awful. Other users couldn’t be more happy with the support the company provided.

    Apart from that, the installation instructions could be a bit more detailed on several points.

    Our Verdict

    Sure, every product has its quirks. But in the case of the Morton M27, the drawbacks seem to almost outweigh the benefits, at least according to the overall customer satisfaction.

    In our opinion, opting for another Morton softener model or choosing a different manufacturer/brand altogether might be a good idea. So do yourself a favor and look around for a bit before you make your final buying decision.

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