Review: Pelican PC1000 Water Filtration System for Whole House

    Pelican Whole House Water Filter Review - PC1000

    Pelican PC1000 Whole House Filter System

    •    Price: $$$$$
    •    Flow Rate: 12 gpm
    •    Filt. Capacity: 1.3M gal
    •    NSF Cert.: 42, 61
    •    Warranty: Lifetime

    The Pelican PC1000 whole house water filtration system provides great-tasting, chlorine-free tap water at every outlet in your home.

    This also includes your bathroom(s) so that you can wash yourself with filtered water for softer hair and skin (chlorine is known to cause dryness).

    What exactly does the Pelican PC1000 do? It features 4 filter stages to trap sediment and chemical impurities:

    1. First, a 10″ inch sediment pre-filter (5-micron) removes larger particles to protect the subsequent filter media from clogging.
    2. Catalytic granular activated carbon (GAC) reduces chlorine taste and smell (96%). It might also affect chemical compounds including pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals, although there is no test data to back this assumption.
    3. Bacteriostatic copper-zinc oxidation media (KDF-55) is mixed into the tank to inhibit bacterial growth. This is important due to the exceptionally high filtration capacity. The KDF-55 might also help with water-soluble heavy metals, but again that’s only an assumption.

    The water flow rate is 12 gallons per minute, so enough for larger homes with 3, maybe 4 bathrooms.

    Filtration capacity: 1,324,800 gallons over five years. Min/max water pressure: 25-80 psi.

    What We Like

    The PC1000 whole house filter was tested and certified according to NSF Standard 42 for chlorine taste and odor reduction as well as structural integrity. That’s great, because we have something to rely on.

    The additional NSF 61 certification for material safety is a nice addon.

    Speaking of addons, you can upgrade the PC1000 with a UV-light stage to get rid of 99.9% of harmful microorganisms – think E. coli and cryptosporidium. This way you don’t have to worry about waterborne pathogens anymore.

    What’s more, the system tank is made from stainless steel for durability (it doesn’t look too bad either).

    And before we forget, the product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

    Pelican PC1000 Review


    There are good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good:

    For one, we have a built-in bypass valve which makes installation a lot easier. Also, the system is pre-assembled when shipped and the tank comes pre-loaded. This is going to save you a lot of time.

    The bad news is that not all fittings are included in the package, and they might be hard to get by.

    We are still convinced that if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer you will be able to do the installation yourself. Expect that you have to visit your local hardware store, though.

    By the way, you should seriously consider purchasing the optional Pelican installation kit.


    Pelican walks you through the setup process in this video:

    The Package (Parts)

    • Sediment pre-filter housing (blue) with mounting bracket
    • 5-micron poly-spun sediment cartridge
    • Housing wrench
    • Bypass valve
    • Carbon unit (PC1000)
    • Hose bib assembly
    • O-rings, split rings, connectors
    • Non-abrasive auto wax
    • Optional: UV-light stage (PUV-7)


    Properly maintaining this Pelican filtration system is important. But don’t worry, not much work is required. In fact, all you have to do is replace the sediment pre-filter every 6 months or so, depending on your water usage and quality.

    Regular cartridge changes will keep filtration performance up to standards and extend the lifetime of the entire unit.

    The carbon media needs to be renewed every 5 years or 1.3 million gallons. Thanks to the upflow design you don’t have to call a plumbing professional for this which saves you a couple of hundred dollars.

    It’s also the most environmentally friendly solution, opposed to replacing the whole tank.

    Costs? The annual average cost for maintenance are reasonable and up to par.


    Find a manual by following this link:

    What We Don’t Like

    Almost no water filter comes without drawbacks. Apparently, this also applies to the Pelican PC1000:

    • In our opinion, it is simply overpriced. At the end of the day, we have to consider that we are talking about a mere carbon filter. The price also doesn’t match the cheap plastic connectors that are prone to leaking.
    • Another issue is that the pre-soaking of the carbon media takes 48 hours and can be a real pain. Not only could the hose bib do with an upgrade (some users had to replace it). You might also require a second one so that the water that’s coming out of the tank actually runs into the drain, not the entire floor.
    • It has happened before that carbon granulate leached out the tank and into the plumbing system. Eventually, it ended up in toilet tanks, washing machines, etc. (Using a random post-filter is an easy fix for this.)

    Our Verdict

    After installing the Pelican PC1000 whole house filter in your home you will immediately be able to tell the difference in the quality of your water – no doubt about it. No more chlorine smell, no more dry skin – you’ll love it!

    The problem, however, is the high price. Our verdict: 3.5 stars!

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