Propur Shower Filter Review – ProMax Model with Massage Shower Head

    Propur ProMax Shower Filter

    Propur ProMax Shower Filter with Massaging Wand

    •    Price: $
    •    Flow Rate: 2.0 gpm
    •    Filt. Capacity: 6-9 months
    •    Annual Cost: $$$$
    •    Warranty: 1 year

    Today’s review features the Propur ProMax 4-stage shower filter.

    According to Propur, the filter removes 200+ contaminants that might be lurking in your shower water, protecting your skin and hair from their unhealthy effects, and improves water odor and taste (in case you get thirsty).

    What’s more, no cleaning is required, because the filter cartridge contains neither resins nor beads, but instead makes use of micro-pore filtration technology.

    It’s rated at 2 gallons per minute flow rate which is adequate and you can choose between 3 different finishes:

    They all come with a ProMax massage head, although the chrome version is also available with a handheld wand or a dual-head setup (handheld wand + overhead shower head).

    All heads offer 5 different spray settings for the highest comfort.

    What We Like

    What we like about the ProMax shower filter is the fact that it was thoroughly tested (not certified) against NSF Standard 42 + 53. Here is an excerpt of the lab report:

    The filter reduces or removes

    • Dozens of VOCs – the majority above 90%
    • Aluminum – 74.2%
    • Arsenic – 28.0%
    • Chromium – 28.8%
    • Iron – 66.9%
    • Lead – 61.1%
    • Mercury – 79.2%
    • A wide range of pesticides – between 42.5% (heptachlor epoxide) and 79.8% (4,4′-DDD), Glyphosate reduction: 47.5%
    • More than 50 semivolatile contaminants – 70 to 75% on average
    • Chloramines – 71.0%
    • Free chlorine – 57.1%
    • Sodium fluoride – 48.2%
    • Nitrates – 23.6%
    • Nitrites – 82.8%
    • Herbicides and pharmaceutical drugs – e.g. DCPA (83.3%), Dalapon (83.3%), Acetaminofen (74.1%), BPA (72.7%), Progestrone (75.0%)
    • Coliform bacteria – 44% (48%)

    As you can see, the filter is NOT perfect for all types of contaminants, heavy metals in particular. This is also why Propur advised against the use with microbiologically unsafe water without adequate disinfection.

    All in all, the filtration performance is solid when compared to other shower filters on the market.

    Other pros are that the filter provides great pressure, is made from BPA-free plastic, and the 1-year limited warranty on the assembly respectively 9 months on the filter cartridges.

    Propur ProMax Shower Filter


    As with most shower filters, installation is simple and straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, provided that everything goes as planned (see below). Just follow these instructions:

    1. First, remove the existing shower head.
    2. Clean the threaded end of the shower arm and apply about 3 layers of Teflon tape (included).
    3. Next, insert the washer into the female threaded end of the shower filter housing and mount the assembly onto the shower arm. Hand-tighten only.
    4. For the dual shower head, you need to install the diverter valve with the overhead shower head to the shower filter. Then you can attach the hose and handheld wand. Lastly, attach the suction mount to a flat wall. In case the mount doesn’t work with your wall surface use the adhesive mount (included).
    5. Flush the filter for several minutes before using the water.

    By the way, the filter fits ½” standard pipe threads.


    As with the installation, replacing filters is a quick and easy process:

    1. Remove the filter assembly from the shower arm.
    2. Unscrew the filter housing.
    3. Take out the old cartridge.
    4. Check that the 3 O-rings are in good condition and properly seated. Replace if need be (included with replacement cartridge).
    5. Insert new filter with the screen mesh facing upwards.
    6. Screw housing back together.
    7. Reattach shower filter assembly to shower arm.
    8. Remember to flush for several minutes before using the water.

    Filtration capacity: Up to 6-9 months.


    Here is a link to the manual.

    What We Don’t Like

    Leaks, leaks, leaks. Leaking is the biggest issue with the Propur ProMax by far. The filter might leak where it connects to the shower arm. This is mainly due to a loose thread connection which may also cause the filter to spin, blow off, or not fit at all – no matter how much Teflon tape you use.

    Or the filter compartment itself might leak. You can try checking the O-rings to make sure that they are properly seated, lubricate with food grade silicone and tighten the housings, but it might not help.

    We also don’t like that there have been too many incidents where the plastic cracked, especially considering the high price.

    Speaking of, replacement filters are a bit more expensive that what you pay with the competition.

    Our Verdict

    We would have rated the Propur ProMax with 4 stars or more if there weren’t these issues with leaks, loose thread connections and cracking. After all, the filtration performance is really good for a shower filter. Anyway, it is what it is, so 3.5 stars from us!

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    This completes our Propur ProMax shower filter review. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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