Reviewed: Propur Water Filters – Are They Worth the Money?

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Founded in 2011, PropurUSA is a small company based in Michigan. The business started offering just gravity water filter systems, but soon included other filter types in its product range.

Today, Propur sells whole house, countertop, under sink and shower filters, and many more.

In this review series, we are going to check out:

Propur Water Filter Overview

Propur Big Gravity Water Filter
Propur Big Gravity Water Filter

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Price: $$$
Type: Gravity System
Flow Rate: 0.26 gph
Filt. Capacity: Up to 12 Months
Propur ProOne Water Filter Pitcher
Propur ProOne Water Filter Pitcher

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Price: $
Type: Pitcher
Flow Rate: ?
Filt. Capacity: 225 gal
Propur ProMax Shower Filter
Propur ProMax Shower Filter

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Price: $
Type: Shower Filter
Flow Rate: 2.0 gpm
Filt. Capacity: 6-9 Months
Propur PMC-3000 Countertop Water Filtration System
Propur PMC-3000 Countertop Water Filtration System

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Price: $$
Type: Countertop Drinking Water System
Flow Rate: ?
Filt. Capacity: 12 Months

Propur Water Filter Reviews

1. Propur Gravity Water Filter Systems

Let’s start our Propur water filter reviews with the easy-to-use gravity systems that provide drinking water of exceptional purity. Thereby, it doesn’t matter whether you draw water from a well, a nearby lake or use plain tap water, says Propur.

There are 5 different sizes for you to choose from (small to large):

  • Scout – ideal for one person on the go
  • Traveler – can hold about 3 times the amount of water that goes into the Scout
  • Nomad – combines good portability with higher flow rates
  • Big (most popular) – perfect size for a whole family and not too bulky for most kitchens
  • King – for very high water consumption (can be expanded to 4 filters)

While the Propur Scout cannot store more than 55 ounces, the Propur King can hold almost 4 gallons. Also, the larger the system, the more filter elements it can host for higher filtration speed.

Bigger systems also apply larger filter cartridges which also increases the amount of water that can be processed in a given period of time (.18 gallons per hour for the smallest cartridge versus .9 gallons for the largest).

That being said, the underlying filtration technology remains the same: All gravity systems work with ProOne® G2.0 ceramic filter elements.

By the way, ProOne G2.0 filters not only come in different sizes (5”, 7” and 9”), there is also a regular and a SLIMLINE version for each size. They can be used interchangeably and will remove the same contaminants. However, the SLIMLINE line was specifically designed for emergency cases. The regular version is better suited for daily use due to the longer lifespan.

Why the different sizes? Because larger cartridges last longer thanks to their larger surface area.

What are the contaminants that will be eliminated? There are way too many to list them all on this page, but the most important ones include VOCs (>95.0%), TTHMs (99.0% on average), aluminum (98.0%), arsenic(III) and arsenic(V) (99.7%), lead (99.9+%), sodium fluoride (97.5%), pesticides, semivolatile contaminants (97.0+%), chlorine and chloramines (99.9+%), nitrites & nitrates, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and PFOA & PFOS (99.9+%).

In addition, some bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia and various parasites are removed to 99.999+% as well as Poliovirus 1 and the Rotavirus (tested only for the first 50 gallons of use).

All in all, testing requirements for NSF standards 42, 53 and P231 were met. Testing according to NSF Standard 401 for emerging contaminants has shown a reduction of BPA (99.9+%), estrone (86.5%) and linuron (99.9+%) among a couple of others.

Seems pretty solid…

No, seriously, the testing results are some of the best we have ever seen – and certainly for gravity-fed filtration systems. Enough said.

Propur Water Filter Review: Propur Big

Propur Big

Purpose:Providing Drinking Water
Ideal for:Single Person to Large Families
Water Source:Just About Any Freshwater Source

Our Rating


  • Work with just about any water source (tap, lake, stream, river, pond, rain)
  • 5 different sizes to choose from
  • Very, very thorough filtration for clean water without the need for add-on filters
  • Ceramic is silver-infused to prevent bacterial growth
  • Magnesium + potassium are retained adding to the daily nutritional intake
  • Good filtration capacities
  • Optional upgrades
  • Tested against NSF Standard 42, 53, 401 & Protocol P231
  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Low in maintenance
  • Quick and easy filter replacements
  • 304 stainless steel containers (polished or brushed finish) + spigot for longevity
  • Steel components backed by limited lifetime warranty (except for Propur Scout)


  • Filtration is slow
  • Some customers reported unpleasant or funny water taste
  • Rust spots may develop on containers or lid
  • A handful of users struggled with a leaking spigot
  • Need to lift the upper container to check water level in the bottom storage tank
  • Received no actual certifications except for NSF Standard 42
  • Propur customer service unresponsive at times
  • Pricey

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2. Propur ProOne Water Filter Pitcher

Just like Propur gravity systems, Propur’s water filter pitcher uses a ProOne ceramic filter element, too. But this time it’s the ProOne M G2.0 – the only real difference being that the element is smaller to fit inside the pitcher.

The pitcher can store roughly 0.9 gallons (3.5 liters), 0.4 gallons (1.55 liters) of that being reserved for the filtered water. In other words, it does not get too heavy to lift and pour, while providing enough water for a small family.

Again, Propur says that almost any water source is fine, including tap, lake, stream, river, pond and rain water.

FYI: Most other filter pitchers are only recommended for tap water.

What’s more, the pitcher is simple to set up, fits most standard refrigerators and is warranted for 90 days (limited).

How good is the filtration? Really good, or really thorough we should say, as there are some speed problems (learn more in the Cons section). For specific contaminant reduction rates check the review above. All in all, some of the best test results we have ever seen!

ProOne Water Filter Pitcher

Propur ProOne Pitcher

Purpose:Providing Drinking Water
Ideal for:1-2 People
Water Source:Just About Any Freshwater Source

Our Rating


  • Work with just about any water source (tap, lake, stream, river, pond, rain)
  • Very, very thorough filtration for clean water without the need for add-on filters
  • Ceramic is silver-infused to prevent bacterial growth
  • Ideal to infuse your water with fruits or vegetables
  • Magnesium + potassium are retained adding to the daily nutritional intake
  • Filtration capacity higher than with most competitor filters
  • Tested against NSF Standard 42, 53, 401 & Protocol P231
  • Pitcher is BPA + PVC-free
  • Fits most standard refrigerators
  • Quick & easy to set up
  • Low in maintenance
  • Quick and easy filter replacements
  • Warranty covered for 90 days


  • Very slow filtration
  • Difficult to pour water without unfiltered water leaking
  • Some customers reported an unpleasant aftertaste in the filtered water
  • Pricey

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3. Propur ProMax Shower Filter

The Propur ProMax is NSF tested to filter dozens upon dozens of contaminants – VOCs, aluminum, arsenic, chromium, lead, sodium fluoride, pesticides, chloramines and free chlorine among them – that might be lurking in your shower water to protect your skin and hair from potential harm. Chances are that the filtered water will also smell much better than what you’re normally used to for a more refreshing shower experience.

Having checked the actual lab report, we saw some of the most thorough testing ever performed on a shower filter. Not all results indicate perfect contaminant reduction rates (far from it), but at least you can easily tell if the ProMax is the right shower filter for your water. Above that, the filtration is much better compared to many other models on the market.

Rated at 2 gallons per minute, the unit provides good water flow and even better pressure.

And as with most shower units, installation shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Maintenance is equally simple.

Did we mention that you can choose between 4 different finishes? White, chrome, antique bronze, and brushed nickel. They all come with a massaging head (5 spray settings) and, in addition to that, the chrome version is also available with a handheld wand.

Propur ProMax Shower Filter

Propur ProMax

Purpose:Remove Harmful Impurities
Prevents:Dull Hair and Skin
Water Source:Tap Water

Our Rating


  • Protects your skin and hair from harmful impurities
  • Solid filtration for a shower filter
  • Tested against NSF Standard 42 and 53 to reduce 200+ contaminants
  • Comes in 4 different finishes to match your bathroom decor
  • Massaging head with 5 spray settings adds to the comfort
  • Good water flow & pressure
  • Easy to install
  • Teflon tape included
  • Fits ½” standard pipe threads
  • Low in maintenance
  • Quick and easy filter replacements
  • Made from BPA-free plastic


  • Initial purchase price is relatively high

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4. Propur PMC-3000 Countertop Water Filtration System

Last but not least, the Propur PMC-3000 countertop system. This is another Propur filter that removes more than 200 different contaminants to not only improve water aesthetics, but also to make your water safe and ready for drinking.

Here is an excerpt from the lab report:

  • VOCs and semivolatile contaminants – >99.8%
  • TTHMs – >99.9%
  • Aluminum – >99.7%
  • Arsenic(III) + arsenic(V) – >98.0%
  • Chromium(III) + chromium(VI) – 98.3%
  • Lead – >99.4%
  • Chloramines – >96.7%
  • Residual chlorine – >95.5%
  • Cyanide – 99.9+%
  • Sodium fluoride – 90.0%
  • Nitrates – 61.3%
  • Nitrites – 72.4%
  • TDS – 86.7%
  • Pesticides – >95.0%
  • Herbicides – >99.9%
  • Pharmaceutical drugs – >99.5%
  • PFOA – >99.0%
  • PFOS – >99.0%
  • Microplastic – >99.9% (after 50 gallons)

(NSF Standard 42 and Standard 53 testing requirements were met.)

The unit fits most standard faucets and installs within minutes – no tools required. An optional adapter for other faucet types is provided by the company.

On top of that, a diverter valve allows you to easily switch between filtered and unfiltered water which will increase filter lifespan.

Propur PMC-3000 Countertop Water Filtration System

Propur PMC-3000

Purpose:Water for Drinking & Cooking
Ideal for:Standard Kitchen Faucets
Water Source:Chlorinated Water

Our Rating


  • Great customer feedback
  • Makes water safe and ready for drinking
  • Tested against NSF Standard 42 + 53
  • Diverter valve allows switching between filtered and unfiltered water for an increased filter lifespan
  • BPA & BPS-free plastic
  • Installs within minutes without the need for tools (optional adapter available)
  • No cleaning required
  • Changing filters is a breeze
  • 1-year limited warranty on system + filters


  • Pricey

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Propur Reviews: Why Propur?

Why choose Propur for your home water filtration needs and not any of the other companies or brands out there?

  • Thoroughly tested – Most importantly, Propur water filter systems have been tested according to NSF standards. In fact, there is a whole arsenal of lab reports to be found on We have reviewed them all and can say with confidence that this is not only some of the most thorough testing we have ever seen, the achieved contaminant reduction rates are also outstanding. The only drawback is that except for NSF Standard 42, no certifications have been awarded so far.
  • Warranty – All products are backed by limited warranties of varying lengths, from 90 days to lifetime.
  • DIY ready – Setting up the 4 Propur systems listed above is a matter of minutes and can be done by the average Joe – no need to call a plumbing professional and spend any money.
  • Easy to maintain – Apart from occasional cleaning and filter replacements here and there, Propur systems don’t require maintenance.

All other product-specific benefits are covered in each individual review.

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If you have any questions about Propur systems please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

And remember to revisit this page from time to time, as we are going to add new Propur water filter reviews occasionally.

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