How Much Does an RO Water Tap Cost? Prices 2023

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Nearly all reverse osmosis systems require a specialized faucet for dispensing the purified water.

These taps are specifically designed to work with the RO system and ensure that the filtered water remains clean and free of contaminants as it passes through the faucet stem – all at a reasonable flow rate and pressure.

How much does such a reverse osmosis water tap cost? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • The average cost of an RO water tap is around $30-50, depending on materials, style, and quality.

How Much Does a Reverse Osmosis Water Tap Cost? Prices 2023

The average cost of a reverse osmosis faucet or tap is between $30 and $50.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum, you have cheap plastic models usually with chrome finishes, which start at about $20. Stylish, designer RO faucets can be $200 and upwards. The job can really be done with a mid-range faucet, though.

You can choose between an air gap and non-air gap, standard looking ones or ones with a more elegant design, full metal or a plastic tap with a metal finish.

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How Much Does an Air Gap vs Non-Air Gap Reverse Osmosis Water Tap Cost?

There really is not much of a variation in price between an air gap and a non-air gap RO faucet; the price variations come with the overall quality, material differences, and designs.

The main things to keep in mind when purchasing an RO water tap are checking to see if you need an air gap or non-air gap faucet and making sure your faucet is from a reputable source that will work with your machine.

If you have any questions about RO water tap prices please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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