ScaleBlaster Water Conditioning System Review | Model SB-175

    ScaleBlaster SB 175 Reviews

    ScaleBlaster SB-175

    •    Price: $$
    •    Flow Rate: ?
    •    Capacity: Unlimited
    •    Tech: Salt-Free Conditioner
    •    Made in USA:

    The ScaleBlaster SB-175 is a water conditioner suited for mid to large-sized homes that reduces the scaling effects of hard water without the use of salt or chemicals.

    The goal: Preventing limescale deposits in pipes that will damage your plumbing and household appliances and decrease their longevity.

    Other benefits are

    • that existing deposits will vanish over time.
    • that soap and detergents will lather more easily, so you won’t have to use as much of them.
    • that your hair and skin will feel more moisturized and look healthier.
    • that stains in your bathrooms and kitchen might disappear entirely.

    By the way, the maximum hardness level that the system can handle is 19 grains per gallon, so very hard water, though relatively low compared to other softeners & conditioners on the market.

    And you should also keep in mind that the SB-175 was designed for indoor use only.

    The maximum pipe size is 1 1/4″ in diameter. All non-magnetic types, including PVC, PEX and copper, are compatible.

    If you want to learn more about the conditioning process itself, here is a short explanation:

    ScaleBlaster systems work with sonic wave frequencies that hit the resonating frequencies of calcium molecules dissolved in your water. This causes them to lose their adhesive properties, thus no longer sticking to surfaces.

    The conditioner also allows your water to dissolve existing scale formations in pipes. This process can take up to 3 months, depending on your water usage and how advanced the scaling is.

    What the unit does not do is remove hardness minerals which means that it won’t affect TDS.

    What We Like

    What we like most about the ScaleBlaster SB-175 is the fact that it does not require salt or chemicals to function, as we already mentioned above. And unlike a regular salt-based water softener, the system does not have to go through regeneration cycles, which prevents water wastage.

    This has a couple of upsides:

    • No excess salt is released into the environment.
    • You don’t have to worry about drinking the conditioned water if you are on a salt-restricted diet.
    • There is no maintenance involved even if you use the unit for many years.
    • All in all, you save a lot of money on salt and water.

    Another aspect that we like is that the ScaleBlaster is UL and cUL listed, meaning that it complies with U.S. and Canadian product safety standards

    ScaleBlaster SB 175 Reviews

    Installation + Startup Instructions

    Because the SB-175 power box is tiny compared to a regular softening unit, it only takes up minimal space.

    Above that, it’s very easy to install. Here is what you need to do:

    If a softener is not equipped with a bypass valve, we recommend you provide for one for ease of maintenance. Also, make sure to comply with local plumbing codes.

    1. Finding the Right Location

    In order to find the best location to install the conditioner, you have to consider the following:

    • A power outlet has to be nearby.
    • Place the system as close as possible to where the main water line enters your home. If you are on a well, choose a location after the pressure tank.
    • Mount the unit as far away as possible from any elbows, valves, couplings or tees.
    • A 12″ straight pipe section is required.

    2. The Setup

    1. The first step is to mount the unit on a solid surface.
    2. Next, insert the end of the blue signal cable into one of the two terminal block holes. Which one you choose does not matter at this point.
    3. Route the cable to the inlet pipe.
    4. Secure the cable to the pipe using one of the cable ties.
    5. Wrap the lose end of the cable securely around the pipe in any one direction. The actual number of wraps is determined by pipe size and type (see manual).
    6. Double check that there are no gaps or lose wire. Each wrap must be flush against one another and not overlapping.
    7. Secure the cable with a second cable tie.
    8. For copper pipes, you have to wrap the pipe twice. Here, go right over the first layer continuing in the same direction around the pipe, so either clockwise or counterclockwise.
    9. Make sure that the second layer is tightly touching the first wrap.
    10. For double wrapping, another cable tie is needed to secure the cable.
    11. Trim any excess cable.
    12. Insert the cable end into the second terminal block hole of the power box.
    13. Keep the incoming and outgoing signal wires from touching each other as good as you can.
    14. Plug the unit into a power supply.
    15. Check for a green scrolling led light panel.

    3. Video

    For more detailed step-by-step installation instructions, check out the video below:

    The Package (Parts)

    • SB-175 power unit, 15 Watt
    • Power cord, 5 ft.
    • Mounting kit
    • Signal cable, 56 ft.
    • 4x cable ties
    • Warranty card
    • Installation & operation manual

    Programming, Settings & Maintenance

    Good news: There is no pre-programming or maintenance required with this conditioner.


    A manual for the ScaleBlaster SB-175 can be found here:

    What We Don’t Like

    What about drawbacks? Well, the first issue that we see is that a considerable amount of customers have complained about seeing no difference in the conditioning of their water at all. In other words, the SB-175 did nothing for them. This is why they wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

    We also read about incidences where the conditioner just died after a few months up to one year of use.

    And lastly, the manufacturer does not warrant any items sold through as stated on the ScaleBlaster website.

    Our Verdict

    We know that some of you guys are skeptical in regards to the effectiveness of water conditioners that rely on electromagnetic waves to reduce scaling – and rightly so.

    This is why we recommend you read through some of the positive as well as negative customer reviews on Amazon. Most users reported that they could tell a difference in their water almost instantly and saw an increase in flow after a few months of use, due to less scale deposits.

    In our opinion, the ScaleBlaster SB-175 is a solid product, though a bit overpriced. You might want to consider going with the smaller SB-75 which is much more affordable.

    Our verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars!

    P.S. The below 2-minute video provides evidence that ScaleBlaster water conditioners do indeed work when installed correctly:

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