Seychelle Water Filter Pitchers Review – Worthy Filtration? #2021

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Seychelle water filter pitchers outperform many other products on the market. Most importantly, they’ve been tested against EPA and two NSF standards to filter dozens of harmful contaminants that could be lurking in your water supply, and they have a long filter life.

But they’re not our favorites, simply because there’s a better option in the same price range: The Clearly Filtered. This pitcher is tested against NSF standards 42, 53, 244, 401, and P473 to remove 230+ contaminants from water, most at higher reduction rates than Seychelle pitchers.

That said, let’s look into Seychelle water filter pitchers in more detail and find out where their strengths and weaknesses lie!

Seychelle Radiological vs. Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Seychelle Radiological Water Pitcher

Seychelle Radiological Water Pitcher

# of Contaminants:79
NSF Standards:42, 53
Filter Capacity:150 Gallons
Warranty:90 Days

Our Rating

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

# of Contaminants:232
NSF Standards:42, 53, 244, 401, P473
Filter Capacity:100 Gallons

Our Rating

Seychelle Dual, pH2O Dual Alkaline & Radiological Pitchers – Key Features

Seychelle manufactures 3 types of water filter pitchers:

  1. The Seychelle Regular Dual Filter Water Pitcher – This is the standard version. It provides up to 200 gallons of filtered drinking water.
  2. The Seychelle pH2O Dual Alkaline Water Pitcher – The Seychelle pH2O Dual Alkaline Water Pitcher not only filters your water, it also enhances its pH (alkalinity) to up to 9.5. According to Seychelle, drinking alkaline water hydrates the body more efficiently and helps it maintain a healthy pH level, it flushes out toxins, and it aids digestion. Filtration capacity is up to 200 gallons as well. Only the single-filter version has half the capacity.
  3. Seychelle’s Radiological Water Pitcher – The Radiological Water Pitcher was designed to protect you from radiological contaminants in drinking water among other stuff, for up to 150 gallons.

Except for the single-filter version of the alkaline model, all Seychelle pitchers can hold up to 1 gallon of water in total. Half goes into the filtered water reservoir which takes about 7 to 8 minutes to fill.

What will be removed from your water? The ionic-adsorption microfiltration process reduces:

  • Chlorine taste and odor
  • Sediment
  • Heavy metals such as lead, chromium-6, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium
  • Agricultural and industrial chemicals including pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrites, trihalomethanes (THM’s), and detergents
  • Fluoride

*This is only an excerpt!

The radiological pitcher also targets radium, cesium, uranium, radon, plutonium, and strontium.

All testing was done to EPA or NSF standards. However, if you check the actual lab reports you’ll find that not all listed contaminants could be removed sufficiently (more on this matter below).

It’s also important to note that Seychelle water filter pitchers do not filter bacteria, viruses, or cyst. Thus, they are to be used with properly disinfected water supplies only.

About Alkaline Water Health Claims

Advocates claim that drinking alkaline water can improve your digestion, strengthen your bones, slow down aging, and make you feel more energized.

We just wanted to mention that clinical evidence to support these claims is very limited at this point in time. There are even health professionals advising against the consumption of alkaline water as it might pose a health risk.

Seychelle Water Filter Pros

  • Seychelle water filter pitchers are easy to assemble and use, also thanks to the flip top for easy refilling.
  • All plastic is BPA-free and FDA-approved to ensure nothing leaches into your water.
  • The filter cartridges are made in USA.

Seychelle Radiological Water Pitcher

The Seychelle Radiological Water Pitcher – learn more on

Setup & Maintenance

Before a Seychelle pitcher is ready to use there’re just a few step you need to go through:

  1. Remove the pitcher from the box.
  2. Remove the filter pack from inside the pitcher.
  3. Use the flushing bulb to run water through the filter for 7-8 minutes by pressing it onto a faucet.
  4. Remove the flushing assembly from the water filter.
  5. Install the filter.
  6. Done!

As mentioned, the filters are good for up to 100-200 gallons or about 3-6 months, depending on which pitcher version you have. But it might happen that high mineral content shortens filter life.

Tip: It’s probably time for a filter replacement when the flow rate slows down considerably or you notice a change in water taste.

Cost? We would estimate around $100 per year for the regular filters, $120 for the alkaline enhancing filters, and $110 for the radiological filters – for a family of 2-3. Seems reasonable to us!


The regular and radiological pitcher versions share the same manual.

For the pH2O Dual Alkaline Water Pitcher manual, click here.

Seychelle Water Filter Cons

Seychelle filter pitchers have been thoroughly tested by independent labs, which is good. It’s just that not all achieved contaminant reduction rates are as high as we would have liked.

For example, nitrate was reduced to no more than 34-65%, cadmium to 36-43%, and nickel to 24-31%. If you compare this to the reduction rates of the Clearly Filtered, our go-to water filter pitcher which costs pretty much the same, the difference is substantial: Nitrate 99.3%, cadmium 99.9%, nickel 98%. Above that, the Clearly Filtered pitcher was tested to remove 232 contaminants in total.

More cons:

  • Especially with the updated replacement filters, some people are burning through them quickly, not even close to reaching 200 gallons before it takes several hours or even days to filter one pitcher of water.
  • Not everyone saw a pH increase using a Seychelle pH2O Dual Alkaline Water Pitcher.
  • The manufacturer warranty is only 90 days. For comparison, the Clearly Filtered comes with a lifetime warranty.

Seychelle Water Filter Review: Our Verdict (+ What to Buy Instead)

Seychelle water filter pitchers are solid and remove a wide range of contaminants. In our opinion, they are not good enough, though, to justify their high price tags.

The Clearly Filtered pitcher traps pretty much the same contaminants as the best Seychelle model (Seychelle Radiological Water Pitcher), and then some. And it does so more effectively while also being more affordable.

Bottom line: 3.5 stars for Seychelle pitchers but we’d go with the Clearly Filtered any day (→click here for a detailed review of the water filter pitcher).

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And that’s it for our Seychelle filter review. Questions? Ask away!

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