How Much Does a UV Water Filtration System Cost?

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One of the most effective ways to purify water from diseases is to install a UV water purifier. Its germicidal ultraviolet light scrambles the DNA of bacteria and other microorganisms, deactivating them.

But how much does a UV water purifier cost? Generally, the initial price tag, installation, and annual maintenance are the different cost factors.

Most online resources estimate the total price range at around $800-2000. However, is this really accurate? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • A UV water filtration system for the point of use (POU), which only filters water for a single faucet, costs around $70 to $200.
  • Point-of-entry (POE) UV water purifiers, which will purify all water throughout the house, start at $200 but the more reliable ones are around $550+.

UV Water Filter Price

The primary cost factor is the price tag of the UV water filter itself, which is typically determined by the size and flow rate of a specific model. Like other filtration systems, UV water purifiers are available for point of entry and point of use applications.

Of course, some additional features that upgrade overall quality count, too.

Point-of-Entry vs Point-of-Use Systems

Point-of-use applications treat only a portion of the water in a home. You install the UV system at a single faucet or tap and access purified drinking water from that source only. Generally, point-of-use UV filters cost around $70-200.

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Point-of-entry (POE) UV filters, on the other hand, purify all the water throughout a house. If you choose to install one, it will provide you with disinfected water for showering, bathing, cleaning, washing, and more. These whole house systems start at $200, but don’t expect the best quality at this price point.

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The starting price of whole house UV water filtration systems from reputable companies is around $550 for a 12 gpm flow rate – enough for medium-sized families.

The optimal water flow rate for larger households is about 15 gallons per minute. UV purifiers that can provide this much water usually start at around $1,000. Two examples are SpringWell and Pentair systems both manufactured in the US.

multi stage point of use UV water purifier

About Pre Filters and Well Water Treatment

UV water purifiers are only effective if the water isn’t overloaded with sediment, scale, dust, and other dirt.

These dirt particles lurking in your water create a shadow for microorganisms to hide behind. Here, even an expensive, premium-quality UV filter would fail to target them.

Therefore, pre-treatment is often a must, especially if you’re on well water. First, because the municipality doesn’t treat well water; second, it feeds from groundwater which often contains a variety of contaminants – think rust.

In the end, your water supply should meet the following criteria to ensure optimal UV disinfection:

  • Turbidity < 1 NTU
  • Hardness < 7 gpg
  • Manganese < 0.05 ppm
  • Iron < 0.3 ppm
  • Tannins < 0.1 ppm

All in all, UV Transmittance should be at least 75%. Otherwise, it cannot be guaranteed that your water will be treated effectively. What this means is, depending on your individual water conditions may you have to invest in additional water treatment equipment adding to the cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Ultraviolet Light Water Purifier?

Installing any type of whole house water filter – UV water purifiers are no different – costs around $100-500, provided that the right plumbing is already in place and accessible. In case modifications are required the total cost will increase by another $1,000 to $2,000.

Installation of point-of-use UV water filters, on the flip side, ranges between $100-300.

However, note that these prices may not be exhaustive.

Several other factors can also affect the overall costs. These include:

Tools & Supplies

You need tools and supplies for installing a UV water purifier. Common equipment includes:

  • 5-micron sediment pre-filter
  • Tubing or piping (e.g. copper or PVC)
  • (Push) fittings
  • Shut-off/bypass valves (optional)
  • Pressure gauges (optional)
  • Teflon tape
  • Solder supplies (optional)


Basic labor for UV filter installation includes system mounting, making the plumbing connections, installing one or more shut-off valves, and checking if the filter operates properly – and doesn’t leak.

How much a professional would cost you depends on their skill level and, again, whether your existing plumbing system requires modification.

On top of that, if the plumber disposes of old appliances and removes debris before installation, the cost will increase by another $50 to $120.

DIY Install vs Calling a Pro

If you have basic DIY knowledge and are handy with tools, there’s no reason not to install a UV water purifier yourself.

  • You might need to drill a hole into your countertop for a second faucet for POU systems.
  • On the other hand, whole house UV systems require detailed plumbing at the main water supply.

Hiring a professional is better if you’re dubious about your DIY skills. It would prevent unexpected filter element damage and speed up the installation process. But it will be more expensive than do-it-yourself installation.

UV Water Filter Maintenance Cost

There isn’t a single water purification system that doesn’t require maintenance, and UV filters are no exception. For them to destroy bacteria, cysts, and bacteria properly, you need to carry out careful maintenance.

But how much does the maintenance cost? We’ll take a look below.

  • First, UV lamps need replacement annually. That’s because their efficacy diminishes over time. Simply put, the light wave intensity of an old UV lamp is up to 60% less of what a new lamp offers. So after 1 year or 9,000 hours of constant use, you need to change your UV light bulb. Cost per piece: $80-130 depending on quality and size.
  • Besides, you need to clean the quartz sleeve when replacing the UV lamp. Water contaminants can build up on the glass, clouding it. This prohibits UV light from penetrating the water. Truthfully speaking, cleaning a quartz sleeve is not a tough cookie to crack – you can do it yourself. If, however, you decide to outsource the work, it won’t take more than an hour or two.
  • Aside from annual UV lamp replacement and quartz sleeve cleaning, it is recommended to also replace the quartz sleeve every two years. Cost: $40-60.

If you have a whole house UV water purifier, doing the maintenance yourself can be daunting. You need to close the main water supply and drain all the water before opening the UV system.

So, DIY maintenance can get pretty overwhelming for some homeowners. If you’re in the same boat, it’s better to hire a professional. Typically, a pro would charge $200 to $400 for maintenance. However, the price can vary depending on their expertise.

burned out UV light bulb

Average Cost (First Year)

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Type Price Tag Installation Cost Range Labor Annual Cost Total Average Cost (First Year)
Whole House UV $200 – $1,000+ $100 to $500 and more 2 – 4 hours $120 $420 – $1,620+
Single-Point UV $70 – $200 $100 – $300 1 – 3 hours $80 $250 – $580

Where to Buy a UV Water Sterilizer?

When purchasing a UV water sterilizer, you need to go for a model that caters to your needs and suits your budget. Ideally, it’s best to create a checklist for the features you expect in a system in order to make the buying process easier.

We’ve curated a list of a few sources from where you can purchase a UV water purifier.

Purchase Directly from a Manufacturer/Brand Online

Back in the day, people were bound to purchase products only from retailers. But times have changed and so have consumer trends. For this reason alone, manufacturers offer greater convenience regarding product shopping.

Luckily, you can now directly buy from your favorite brands online.

Buying directly from the manufacturer comes with a lot of benefits. Special discounts, low manufacturer-direct prices, a broad range of products, impeccable customer service, extended warranty – you name it!

Go for a Reputable Online Marketplace

Although online shopping was already popular pre-pandemic, Covid-19 accelerated the trend, which has continued post-pandemic. Today, you’ll find plenty of reputable online stores like Amazon selling UV water purifiers.

Here, you can check for reviews to determine a product’s authenticity. Satisfied and happy customer ratings speak volumes (it can be the other way round, too).

Purchase from a Local Water Treatment Expert

Although online purchases are fast and convenient, it’s not everyone’s favorite.

And it would be wrong to underestimate the skill and knowledge of local water treatment experts anyway.

They are well-informed about regional water conditions and contaminant problems.

If your water is microbiologically contaminated, they’ll detect it in split seconds and provide you with a suitable UV water purifier.

Buy from a Local Hardware Store

Lastly, you can also go for local hardware or big box outlets. They often offer enticing discounts that cut down overall costs. Besides, they provide the complete package, including installation and maintenance.

On the downside, their products might be of lower quality, and if you’re looking for trending models, you might not find one in-store.

If you have any questions about the cost of a UV water filtration system please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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