Whole House Water Filter Companies, Brands & Manufacturers

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Installing a whole house water filter can bring many benefits. Some people associate these systems with drinking water exclusively, but their usefulness extends far beyond that.

And they’re not useful only for people living in areas with severe water contamination problems either. A good whole house water filter can improve your water quality even when you’re dealing with relatively minor contamination levels.

That said, there is a plethora of choices out there. Thus, in this article we’ll list all of the whole house water filter brands and manufacturers operating in the US!

Whole House Water Filter Companies, Brands & Manufacturers in the USA

Some of the most popular whole house water filter companies on the global market are headquartered in the USA. Many of them operate globally and have an established presence in different parts of the world.

Here are some of the top brand names to look out for if you’re in the USA and need a whole house water filter:

  • 3M
  • Ace
  • American Plumber
  • AO Smith
  • APEC Water Systems
  • Aquaboon
  • Aqualink
  • Aquasana
  • Brightify
  • Crystal Quest
  • Culligan
  • DuPont
  • EcoPure
  • Everpure
  • Evoaqua
  • Express Water
  • Filtrete
  • GE
  • Geekpure
  • Harmsco
  • Home Master
  • Hydronix
  • iFilters
  • iSpring
  • Membrane Solutions
  • NU Aqua
  • Omni
  • Pelican
  • Pentair
  • Pentek
  • Rusco
  • SimPure
  • SoftPro
  • SpringWell Water
  • Tier1
  • US Water Systems
  • Vu-Flow
  • Waterdrop
  • Watts
  • Whirlpool

Big Blue Whole House Water Filter

Top Whole House Water Filter Company Summaries

Here are some of our top choices for whole house water filtration companies on the market right now:


SpringWell was originally founded with the specific goal of serving the consumer market. The company has released a wide range of products since its original inception, and constantly explores new ideas for developing current solutions further and pushing the boundaries of the market.

Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest serves all markets – residential, commercial, and industrial. It’s a well-known brand name on the domestic market specifically, and it’s a common first recommendation given to people looking for a good balance between price and effectiveness.

US Water Systems

Despite being a relatively new company on the water filtration market – founded in 2003 – US Water Systems has already managed to build a respectable name for itself.

The company’s whole entry into the market started with some innovative ideas which were eventually adopted by other manufacturers. US Water Systems has established close ties with various other major names on the market, and has been producing a lot of work aimed at improving the water filtration market as a whole.


Pelican is a brand of Pentair, specifically focused on domestic water treatment solutions. The company produces water filters, water softeners, specialized filters (such as shower filters), and UV filtration systems. It also offers products aimed at users relying on well water.

One of the main goals of Pelican is to serve the domestic market in a sustainable way, minimizing its footprint on the environment.


3M is one of the best-known brand names globally. The company produces a wide range of products, so it should be no surprise that they also have an active presence on the water filtration scene.

3M’s Residential Water Filtration division aims to cover all aspects of domestic filtration. The company also serves customers like schools and other institutions.


With nearly a century of presence, Culligan is another well-known name when it comes to water filtration. Culligan is actively involved in environmental conservation efforts, constantly exploring new solutions that could minimize its products’ negative impact on the environment.

Sustainability is a major factor in Culligan’s operations, which often leads to somewhat higher prices than its competitors.

The Whole House Water Filter Market

Domestic consumers dominate the water filtration market, and whole house water filters enjoy an especially high level of attention from all sides. With a market size of over $30 billion in 2022, projections indicate that its size could grow by nearly 100% by the end of this decade.

Activated carbon appears to be in the lead in terms of popularity, mainly due to these systems’ strong filtration capabilities and their relatively low price.

The growth of this market was partly influenced by active urban developments in many parts of the world. Europe used to be relatively low on the list of water filtration users, but that has quickly changed in the last couple of years, with Europeans now making up a significant portion of all users of the technology.

Types of Whole House Water Filters

There are several types of whole house water filters, mainly categorized by their mode of operation. Some types are more effective than others when it comes to specific contaminants. In some cases, a combined approach is a better option than using one specialized filter exclusively.

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters remove various types of particles like sand, clay, dirt, and general debris.

A sediment filter physically traps these particles and prevents them from moving further into the plumbing, relying on a fine sieve. Sediment filters are rarely used on their own but make a great addition to a comprehensive water treatment setup.

whole house water filter cartridges of different sizes

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filters enjoy a lot of popularity across all segments of the market. They can remove a wide range of contaminants from water, improving its taste and smell as well.

KDF Filters

KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filters utilize oxidation and reduction to remove contaminants from water. These filters are primarily intended to enhance the effectiveness of other filters used in tandem. However, they have a major weakness – they don’t remove any organic contaminants, making it important to use them in combination with other filter types.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis works by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane that pushes back various types of contaminants, including the smallest ones.

This makes RO filters effective at removing metals, pesticides, medication, and other annoying contaminants that can be difficult to deal with when using other filtration systems.

UV Filters

UV filtration relies on the fact that pathogens die when exposed to ultraviolet light. This makes UV water filters the perfect solution for addressing biological contamination.

These filters work without any physical contact at all. Water is simply passed through a sleeve encompassing a UV light bulb, which neutralizes over 99% of bacteria etc. and prevents reproduction.

If you have any questions about whole house water filter manufacturers, companies, or brands please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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