Whole House Water Filter and Softener Combo Installation Cost

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If you’re planning to install a whole house water filter, you might also want to consider adding a water softener to the mix. This can provide you with additional benefits, especially if you live in an area with particularly hard water.

You can find package deals on the market where you buy both systems together, but you aren’t required to use those. You can also purchase the two systems separately and install them together. In this case, you have to be careful to ensure that they will be compatible – mostly in terms of flow and backwash flow rates.

That being said, how much does it cost to install a whole house water filter and softener combo?

Key Takeaways

  • For a regular whole house water filter and softener combo installation, labor will cost around $500.
  • This does not include any additional supplies needed like piping, bypass valves, and fittings.
  • If your plumbing system requires modification, expect to $1,000-2,000 total.
  • Installing a water softener loop will cost around $750 for a basic job and could reach $3,000 for more complex ones.

Whole House Water Filter and Softener Combo Installation Cost Factors

Filter and Softener Type

When choosing a whole house water filter and a water softener, you have a few options regarding the exact type of each system. It’s important to take a careful look at all of them, even if you already have your eyes set on a particular one.

For whole house water filters, you can choose between:

  • Sediment filter
  • Carbon filter
  • Iron filter
  • Whole house reverse osmosis
  • UV system

And, you have the choice between cartridge vs tank-based setup.

On the other hand, those are your options for water softeners:

  • Traditional ion exchange system
  • Salt-free water conditioner
  • Magnetic and electronic water descaler

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Size (Flow Rate)

Do you live alone or in a large household with multiple residents? This can be a deciding factor when choosing a filter and softener with a suitable flow rate.

Smaller systems may not be able to support a flow rate sufficient for your household’s needs, leading to pressure problems with your faucets. Larger ones cost more, as can be expected.

Softening and Filtration Capacity

Flow rate is not your only concern in this regard. You’ll also be limited by the filtration capacity of your whole house water filter. Choosing one with an insufficient filter life may result in water blockages or even contaminants depositing into your water.

The same goes for your water softener. Every model can only handle a certain amount of water before it needs to regenerate, and overloading your softener is never a good idea as it can cause serious problems.

Added Features

Do you need multi-stage filtration for your whole house filter? Specific filtration types? There are many additional factors that can play a role in the final price of the product, and you should understand your requirements in detail before settling on a specific model in each category.


Some brands are more expensive than others by default, just like most products on the consumer market. Sometimes the extra cost is hard to justify if you look at the actual parameters side by side, but in other cases you might get additional benefits like extended warranty or installation support.

Required Labor

Does your plumbing require a lot of additional labor to install a whole house water filter and softener combo? This can be the case if you’re dealing with old pipes or unusual layouts.

On the other hand, if you’ve had significant work done on your plumbing recently, it may have been upgraded to modern standards, which will likely lower your cost.

Your Location

The installation cost of a whole house filter and softener combo will also depend on your location. Cities on the coast tend to be more expensive in this regard, while those living in rural areas can usually get a better deal.

However, in the latter case, you need to account for the time it would take for the installer to get to your location. If you live in a remote area, that cost can add up fast.

Water Testing

Do you plan on having your water tested before installing? This is a good idea if you haven’t had any testing done recently, as it can alert you to the presence of different types of water issues, which in turn could prompt you to buy a specific filter or softener model.

Water Testing Report

As we mentioned above, there’s limited compatibility between some models of filters and softeners, so this can affect your entire purchase.


Make sure to check your local regulations to see if you need any special permits for installing a water softener! You may not be allowed to install one by default. Obtaining a permit can take a while, so make sure to sort that out before you order, otherwise you risk stalling the whole project.

Water Softener Prices by Type

Water Softener Type Average Price Range
Standard Ion Exchange $700–2,000 USD
Salt-Free Water Conditioner $1,000-2,000 USD
Magnetic Descaler $50-200 USD

Traditional Ion Exchange System

Ion exchange water softeners tend to be quite pricey, but still not as costly as some salt-free water conditioners. You could get a salt-based unit for as little as $350. However, we recommend investing more in a higher-quality product – think $1,000 or so depending on the size of the unit.

If you want a double-tank version, you should prepare at least $1,500.

Salt-Free Water Conditioner

Salt-free water conditioners start at around $500 and going up to $3,000 and above. However, this is a good long-term investment due to the overall durability and reliability of those systems.

Magnetic and Electronic Water Descalers

A magnetic/electronic system is the cheapest option here. You can buy one for as little as $50, and even high-end models rarely cost over $500 – though there are some exceptions and you may have to pay $600 – $700 if you live in an area with a more limited selection.

Water Softener Price Comparison by Brand

Here are some real-life water softener price examples:

Water Softener Brand/Model Average Price
SpringWell SS $1,200 USD
SpringWell FutureSoft $1,400 USD
Crystal Quest Water Softener $1,200 USD
Tier1 Essential Series $500 USD
Fleck 5600SXT $900 USD
SoftPro Elite $1,200 USD
Aquasana SimplySoft $700 USD
Pelican NaturSoft $1,400 USD
WaterBoss 950 $700 USD
Genesis Premier $1,100 USD

Whole House Water Filter Prices by Type

How much does a whole house water filter cost based on type?

Whole House Water Filter Type Price
Cartridge-Based Sediment Filter $50-100 USD
Carbon Whole House Water Filter $100-2,500 USD
Iron Whole House Water Filter $500-3,000 USD
Multi-Stage Whole House Water Filter $200-500+ USD
UV Water Purifier $200-1,000+ USD
Whole House Reverse Osmosis System $500+ USD

Cartridge-Based System

You can expect to pay between $100 and $500 for most cartridge-based whole house water filtration systems, although you will rarely have to go into the higher end of that range.

These high prices are reserved for advanced models with specialized features which you likely won’t need unless you’re dealing with specific types of contaminants.

Sediment Filter

A good sediment filter can cost around $1,000 as a rough estimate. You don’t have to go that high if you’re on a tight budget though, as some models cost a fraction of that. An ordinary sediment filter including cartridge can be bought for just $50-100 if you don’t want any fancy features.

Carbon Filter

Next up we have carbon filters, which raise the bar a bit. Cheaper models cost around $100-300 (cartridge-based), and you can expect to pay more than $2,000 if you want a top-of-the-line solution featuring a large tank filled with carbon media.

dual tank water softener setup

Iron Filter

At around $1,000-2,500, a good iron filter is a great investment if your water is polluted with iron and some other heavy metals. Some models are more expensive than that, but you can expect the price to hover around that point for most brands.

Whole House Water Filter Price Comparison by Brand

Here are some real-life whole house water filter price examples:

Whole House Water Filter Brand/Model Price Tag
SpringWell CF4 Whole House Water Filter System $1,199.67 USD
SpringWell WS1 Whole House Well Water Filter System $2,204.00 USD
USWS Bodyguard Plus Whole House Water Filtration System (15 gpm) $1,355.64 USD
USWS Matrixx inFusion Iron and Sulfur Removal System $2,628.00 USD
NU Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System $415.95 USD
Home Master HMF3SdgFeC 3 Stage Sediment, Iron & Carbon Filter $579.00 USD
Crystal Quest Smart Whole House Water Filter (13 gpm) $1,968.70 USD
Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filtration System $949.00 USD
Pentair PC1000 Whole House Water Filter System $1,338.30 USD
3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole House Water Filtration System $401.99 USD

Prices of Pre-Existing Filter-Softener Combos

And finally, current prices of pre-existing whole house filter-softener combos:

Whole House Filter-Softener Combo Model Price Tag
SpringWell CSS1 Water Filter and Salt Based Water Softener $2,416.33 USD
SpringWell CSF4 Water Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener $2,948.16 USD
SpringWell WSSS1 Well Water Filter and Salt Based Water Softener $3,302.35 USD
Crystal Quest SMART Whole House Water Filter and Softener (9 gpm) $2,610.85 USD
SoftPro Elite Water Softener (40,000-Grain) with Well+ Pro Iron Filter (8-10 gpm) $3,289.00 USD
Everyday Series 48,000-Grain High Efficiency Water Softener with Point-of-use RO System $701.02 USD

How Much Does a Water Softener-Filter Combo Cost to Install?

Labor (Based on Job Complexity)

If you have a regular setup that doesn’t need any special modifications, you can expect to get the job done for around $500 – but this only includes the basic labor and doesn’t account for any supplies, like additional piping, bypass valves, adapters, and other parts that might be needed.

Loop Installation

If you also need to install a water softener loop, you’re looking at a significantly higher cost. Expect to pay at least $750 for a basic job, and more than $3,000 if your situation is more complex and requires a lot of additional work. It’s a good idea to shop around for a quote in this case.

Plumbing Modifications

Additional modifications to your plumbing may be necessary to accommodate for the installation of a water softener-filter combo. Depending on how messy the job gets, you should prepare around $1,000-2,000. It may be possible to get it done more cheaply, but that depends on the expertise of the plumber you’re working with.

The Plumber Who Installs the Combo

Working with a professional plumber will set you back around $400, as this job can be done in a couple of hours in most cases. Adding some of the above factors into the calculation can significantly raise the price.

Where You Live

Larger cities tend to have higher installation costs for water softeners and filters, especially if you live around the coasts. On the other hand, if you’re in a rural area, this can reduce the price significantly. The only exception are cases where the installer might have to drive out a longer distance to get to your house.

Installation Supplies

You’re going to need various supplies to install a water softener-filter combo. You are free to purchase those yourself if you can find good deals – your plumber may charge you a premium for procuring them for you. These supplies will cover most installation jobs; you may not need all of them though:

  • Mounting brackets
  • Tubing/piping
  • Fittings
  • Shut-off valves
  • Adapters
  • Teflon tape


If you live in a jurisdiction where you need a permit to install a water softener, you should not skip this step as it can end up quite costly if you do such a project without permission. Thankfully, plumbing permit fees for this type of fixture are quite cheap – around $12 in most cases.

DIY Installation vs Hiring a Pro

The installation of a whole house water filter-softener combo is not that complicated if you take the time to research it in advance and have the right tools and supplies. This is something you should consider if professional installation would extend your budget too much.

However, make sure that you’re not violating the manufacturer’s guidelines by doing that, otherwise you may void your product warranty.

Tips for Hiring a Professional Installer

  • Ask for referrals if you have a preferred plumber you regularly work with.
  • Try to purchase as many supplies and materials as you can before commencing the job.
  • Seek a local installer to avoid paying high drive-out fees.

Main Water Shutoff Valve

Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter and Softener Combo

Water That’s Both Softer and Safer to Drink

Hard water at home can be a real pain. It clogs fixtures and pipes, the color of your laundry fades quickly, and it leaves soap scum on your body after showering or bathing. You will immediately notice the difference when switching to softened water.

At the same time, your water will also be cleaner and safer – not just for drinking, but also for washing your dishes, etc.

No Need for Individual Access Point Filtration

You don’t need to install an individual water filter at every access point. You can enjoy the benefits of fresh, clean water at any faucet in your home without any extra hassle like carrying a filter pitcher around.

Great Long-term Investment into the Value of Your Home

Maybe you don’t plan on selling your home in the near future, but investing in it is still a great idea. A good whole house water filter and softener combo can help you increase the value of your home.

If you have any questions about whole house water filter and softener combo installation cost please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

*All prices last updated: Januray 2023

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