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As a consumer, you are being overloaded with information on how to treat the water in your house the right way and with the right device. Above that, new studies and guides are being published on a weekly basis with more and more facts to consider; overwhelming, isn’t it?

On BOS, we offer practical, real-life tips and advice on home water treatment. It is our mission to gather, structure and present a great amount of know-how and make it available to our readers for free.

One of our main focuses: In-depth product reviews and buying guides to allow you make the right buying decision and purchase the best product(s) for your needs and budget.

Meet the Team

Gene Fitzgerald (Head of Content)


Gene has been with BOS since the very beginning.

She is a writer, editor, and water filtration advocate who enjoys supporting people in making the tap or well water in their homes healthy and safe to drink.

As head of content, Gene is responsible for the creation of new product reviews, contaminant removal guides and blog posts.

Outside of BOS, Gene loves to read books on philosophy & social issues, making music, and hiking.


4+ years of experience writing digital content about home water treatment in particular and home improvement in general, health & fitness and nutrition.

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Tim Stanley (Content Creator Veteran & Editor)


Tim is our content creator veteran. He does everything from research to editing and focuses on all things water softening.

When he is not working, Tim spends most his time riding his bike and doing calisthenics. To calm down he also likes to watch Netflix (who doesn’t?).


Several years experience publishing content online as well as in print.



Maria Martino (Content Creator)


A writer by day and an artist by night, that’s how Maria describes herself. What type of art? She portrays people in her neighborhood. Maria also supports her local community as an activist.


Although Maria is most passionate about writing on local politics, her work covers all walks of life. She is also the most professional in our team owning a B.A. in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Chicago.



Catherine Davies (Content Creator)


Cathy is the newest addition to our team. Right now she hops in whenever and wherever help is needed. You will find more content of hers on BOS in future.

When I asked Cathy about her hobbies and passions she named two things: Shopping and listening to podcasts. She could do it all day, she said.


Cathy started her writing career in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. She has made great development since.



About Our Product Review Process

This section shall provide you with more details on our product review process and the creation of our buying guides. Simply put, we want to give you insights into how we work. Why? So that you can decide whether or not we are biased and want to trust us.

Getting Started

First of all, after a few years in the industry we know our stuff and don’t have to research each new topic we cover from scratch. If you understand how an activated carbon filter works, it doesn’t really make a difference if it’s a small point-of-use unit to be installed under the kitchen sink or if it’s a large system intended for whole house application.

But our goal is to enable you to make an informed buying decision. Thus, all our TOP X Review Articles where we compare about a dozen products in a certain category, for example whole house water filters, always include a buying guide with things you should consider before spending any money.

We advise you to invest the extra few minutes and read through these considerations real quick. Although home water treatment isn’t exactly rocket science and you don’t need a PhD to understand most of it, you’ll get a good overview of what’s important and what isn’t.

The Process

Step 1: Defining the Crucial Criteria

Price is an important factor when reviewing products. But for us it’s not the be-all end-all. For a holistic approach we have to take into account other oftentimes more crucial product criteria, too. What these criteria turn out to be depends on the individual topic.

To get back to our previous examples, with whole house water filters it’s mandatory that you have a high-enough flow rate. Otherwise you’ll run out of filtered water at times of peak consumption. When searching for an under sink water filter on the other hand, flow rate is secondary. What really matters is how many contaminants will be removed, and to what percentage.

Product criteria that play a role no matter what are certifications from authoritative third parties (i.e. NSF certifications for water filters), warranties and customer support. For the latter, we value companies that are easy to contact, fast to reply, helpful, and actually know their stuff.

Once we have a list of criteria we’ll continue with step 2 of our product review process: Finding the best products (a similar process applies to dedicated single-product reviews).

Step 2: Finding the Best Products

Armed with our criteria list, we can now surf the web and measure all the different products against it. Thereby, we not only browse amazon.com but other major ecommerce platforms, as well – think target.com or wayfair.com. Above that, we also like to collaborate with smaller businesses directly. In order to find them, we turn Google Search upside down.

Of course, when adding products to our list we also look for additional features that could make them stand out from the competition. At the same time, we ignore unnecessary bells and whistles that come with a premium price without providing any real benefit.

What information sources do we rely on? There’re 3:

  1. Product descriptions – Product descriptions provide us with a good overview of what we can expect. We also compare specifications across multiple sites and reach out to companies directly if need be.
  2. Product manuals – And we go one step further. We also check actual product manuals provided by manufacturers or sellers. This allows us to verify certain information and dive into the nitty-gritty details.
  3. Customer ratings & reviews – Lastly, we rely on customer ratings and reviews from different platforms for 2 reasons. For one, we cannot test the majority of products listed on BOS ourselves. So we like to see predominantly positive customer feedback. Secondly, we might stumble upon one or more product benefits or issues we haven’t thought about yet. Reading reviews also involves identifying and ignoring fake ones which can be harder than you might think.

Honesty & Transparency Are the Premise

There are individuals blogging about the topics they love, and they don’t want to be compensated for it. That’s very honorable. These people enrich the web with their passion and drive.

For us, just like any other business we have to earn money in order to survive. This is why we usually don’t include products in our review guides from stores not interested in partnering with us, which means that we wouldn’t earn a commission when directing our visitors to their sites.

This does NOT entail, however, that we favor the most expensive products backed by the highest commission rates. We always try to find an ethically justifiable balance between providing the best user experience and value, and making a profit.

So you can be rest assured that we are 100% real with our work and that our reviews represent a selection of the best products currently available on the market. If you click on a link we likely receive commissions from your purchase, but we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you are looking for a water filter, water softener or any other type of water treatment system, we have reviewed and will continue to review a variety of models from all price segments. Therefore, everyone no matter how small or large the budget will find something suitable!

Step 3: Writing the Reviews

Doing the writing is the last part of our product review process. Every product is examined from different angles to answer questions like

  • What are its strengths?
  • What are the weaknesses?
  • What are the most common user complaints?
  • What’s our final verdict?


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