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Our Mission

As a consumer, you are being overloaded with information on how to treat the water in your house the right way and with the right device. Above that, new studies and guides are being published on a weekly basis with more and more facts to consider; overwhelming, isn’t it?

On BOS, we offer practical real-life tips and advice on home water treatment. It is our mission to gather, structure, and present a great amount of know-how and make it available to our readers for free.

One of our main focuses: In-depth product reviews and buying guides to allow you make the right buying decision and purchase the best water treatment product(s) for your needs and budget.

How We Work

BOS, with a team of 4 home water treatment experts and more than 18 years of combined industry experience, commits numerous hours to research, write, and thoroughly fact-check every article we create. This dedication guarantees that our content is both valuable and accurate.

And when it comes to rating products or services, we evaluate, test, compare, and rank everything based on a meticulous reviewing process, ensuring every product/service we recommend delivers the quality promised by the brand or manufacturer.

Side note: For those who prefer video, we also review products on the BOS YouTube channel.

Meet the Team

Gene Fitzgerald (Co-Founder, Head of Content, Senior Scientist)


Gene has been with BOS since the very beginning. In fact, she is one of the co-founders. Gene is a writer, editor, and water filtration advocate who enjoys supporting people in making the tap or well water in their homes healthy and safe to drink.

As head of content, Gene is responsible for the creation of new product reviews, contaminant removal guides, and blog posts.

Outside of BOS, Gene loves to read books on philosophy & social issues, making music, and hiking.


8+ years of experience writing digital content about home water treatment in particular and home improvement in general, health & fitness, and nutrition. We call Gene our Senior Scientist.

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Alexandra Uta (Content Creator Veteran & Editor)


Alex is our content creator veteran. She has a passion for research. Dedication and attention to detail are how she would describe her writing etiquette. She began taking on a more serious turn toward content writing in 2020. Today, she works together with Gene to review the latest innovations in home water treatment.

Outside of the work sphere, she loves reading novels, sewing, and researching historical events and cultures.


Alex has been using water filters and similar products for years even before she joined BOS. She has lots of hands-on experience.

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Alexa Gibbons (Video Content Creator)

alexa gibbons

Alexa is a stay at home mom, chef, house cleaner, home decorator, and wife to her husband John. She loves all things homemaking and keeping a beautiful and healthy home – one reason why she’s into testing new water filters and other water treatment equipment. Alexa and her family live on a small homestead where they keep chickens and a garden.

Alexa is based in Duvall, WA, which is where she takes her water samples.


You will see Alexa on the BOS YouTube channel. Being in front of the camera is something Alexa has done since a young child so sharing her reviews of water filters and similar products is enjoyable and fun. What qualifies her? She fits right in the target audience.

The Duvall Homestead

Aside from being part of the BOS team, Alexa shares her farm lifestyle, recipes, and natural living on a blog and YouTube channel called The Duvall Homestead.

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Mike Carpenter (Video Content Creator)


Based on his years of experience in home improvement, Mike has specialized in rewiewing point-of-entry water treatment systems – think whole house water filters, water softeners, and more. He does so on the BOS YouTube channel where he orders, installs, and tests all the different systems on his own water supply. Whether he’s sharing his latest DIY tutorial or reviewing a new product, Mike always strives to connect with his viewers and provide them with content that is informative, entertaining, and helpful.

On his time off, Mike enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, staying active and adding to his power tool collection.

Mike is based in Boise, ID, which is where he takes his water samples.


With years of experience in writing and video content creation, Mike has developed a unique voice and style that engages his audience while inspiring them with valuable insights & practical tips on home water treatment and home improvement general.

Joyfully Growing

Mike is also a full-time blogger & YouTuber alongside his wife Ashley where they’ve turned their passions into a creative space over on the blog and YouTube channel called Joyfully Growing. Together they create DIY tutorials and offer simple home improvement tips to help others love the home they’re in.

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Sara Radle (Video Content Creator)


Sara has always been the go-to DIY person in the house. She’s the type of person who likes to be hands-on with fixing/improving things around the home, and if she doesn’t know how to do a particular project, she takes to YouTube and watches other DIYers and quickly learns how.

But Sara is not only very handy with tools, she also loves home improvement products. Obsessed with watching This Old House starting at five years old, she’s secretly always wanted to create the type of content she now creates for BOS.

Sara is based in San Antonio, TX, which is where she takes her water samples.


Sara is an award-winning filmmaker. Her skills as a video producer shine through her ability to take on multiple roles in the production process, from writing and directing to acting and editing her projects. Her experience in music and film production allows her to bring a unique perspective to creating engaging and creative content.

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Buddhini Dolapihilla (Health Expert)


Buddhini is a medical doctor and research assistant at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Colombo where she earned her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 2020.

At BOS, she uses her expertise and knowledge fact-checking health-related content as well as third-party certifications (primarily NSF standards), lab reports, and other test data, and making suggestions for improvement whenever necessary.


Buddhini is an academic writer with a special interest in surgery as well as medical sciences, and she even has published articles in reputed and peer reviewed journals.

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Dan Eder (Aquagear)

Dan Eder

Dan Eder is a writer and researcher with a passion for water treatment and healthy living in general. As a content writer for Aquagear and others, he has enjoyed a long career finding cool new products and techniques to share with audiences around the world, all from the comfort of his home office.

When he’s not working, he likes swimming, playing guitar, learning foreign languages, and hanging out with family.

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Rob Dodge (Epic Water Filters)

Rob Dodge

Rob Dodge works for Epic Water Filters as a Water Quality Specialist and Logistics Specialist. He has an extensive background studying water quality, water contaminants, and the types of filtration media used to purify drinking water.

With two years of experience at Epic Water Filters, Rob has conducted many tests and studies to better understand the effectiveness of different at home water filters. His knowledge of the chemistry involved in water purification and contaminant removal has also allowed for a well rounded understanding of the qualities to look for in a water filter.

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Tommy Stricklin (SpringWell Water)

Tommy Stricklin

Tommy Stricklin is SpringWell Water’s chief water specialist with more than 2 decades of experience and knowledge within the residential water industry.

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