How to Remove Fluoride from Water at Home + 10 Best Fluoride Water Filter Reviews

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The problem with water fluoridation is that, once added to our water supplies, there’s no way of controlling who ingests how much fluoride. This can be a serious problem especially for the majority of kids that already exceed the recommendation for daily fluoride intake by nutrition alone.

As a growing part of the population wants to opt out of water fluoridation, the demand for filter systems that can remove fluoride from water increases.

If you too are serious about going fluoride-free, make sure to carefully read our buying guide below. It features the best fluoride water filters and tells you how to remove fluoride from water at home in general.

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FiltersOur RatingPriceProduct TypeFluoride ReductionNSFResponsive
AquaTru RO Purification System

Best RO System for Fluoride: AquaTru

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$$Countertop Reverse Osmosis93.5%42, 53, 58, 401, P473AquaTru RO Purification System

Best RO System for Fluoride: AquaTru

Our Rating:
Price: $$
Type: Countertop Reverse Osmosis
Fluoride Reduction: 93.5%
NSF: 42, 53, 58, 401, P473

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Use our discount code BOSAquaTru at checkout and get 5% OFF!

Use our discount code BOSAquaTru at checkout and get 5% OFF!
Clearly Filtered Portable Flouride Pitcher with Carbon

Best Water Pitcher That Removes Fluoride: Clearly Filtered

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$Filter Pitcher96.9-98.2%42, 53, 244, 401, P473Clearly Filtered Portable Flouride Pitcher with Carbon

Best Water Pitcher That Removes Fluoride: Clearly Filtered

Our Rating:
Price: $
Type: Pitcher
Fluoride Reduction: 96.9-98.2%
NSF: 42, 53, 244, 401, P473

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Crystal Quest Whole Home Filtration System

Best Whole House Fluoride Filter: Crystal Quest

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$$$$Whole House Water Filtration System90-95%-Crystal Quest Whole Home Filtration System

Best Whole House Fluoride Filter: Crystal Quest

Our Rating:
Price: $$$$
Type: Whole House
Fluoride Reduction: 90-95%
NSF: -

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Propur ProMax Fluoride Shower Filter with Head

Best Fluoride Shower Filter: Propur ProMax

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$Shower Filter48%42, 53Propur ProMax Fluoride Shower Filter with Head

Best Fluoride Shower Filter: Propur ProMax

Our Rating:
Price: $
Type: Shower Filter
Fluoride Reduction: 48%
NSF: 42, 53

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Portable Clearly Filtered Bottle Tested Against Fluoride

Top Fluoride Filter Water Bottle: Clearly Filtered Insulated Stainless Steel

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$Bottle99.0-99.9%42, 53, 401Portable Clearly Filtered Bottle Tested Against Fluoride

Top Fluoride Filter Water Bottle: Clearly Filtered Insulated Stainless Steel

Our Rating:
Price: $
Type: Bottle
Fluoride Reduction: 99.0-99.9%
NSF: 42, 53, 401

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Clearly Filtered Under Sink System

#1 Under Sink System for Fluoride: Clearly Filtered

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$$Under Sink Water Filtration System99.5%42, 53, 401Clearly Filtered Under Sink System

#1 Under Sink System for Fluoride: Clearly Filtered

Our Rating:
Price: $$
Type: Under Sink
Fluoride Reduction: 99.5%
NSF: 42, 53, 401

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Big Berkey

Best Countertop/Portable Water Filter that Removes Fluoride: Big Berkey

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$$Gravity Water Filtration System97%42, 53Big Berkey

Best Countertop/Portable Fluoride Water Filter: Big Berkey

Our Rating:
Price: $$
Type: Gravity Water Filtration System
Fluoride Reduction: 97%
NSF: 42, 53

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Inline and Refrigerator Filter

Inline & Refrigerator Fluoride Water Filter

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$Inline / Fridge99.5%42, 53, 401Inline and Refrigerator Filter

Inline & Refrigerator Fluoride Water Filter

Our Rating:
Price: $
Type: Inline / Refrigerator
Fluoride Reduction: 99.5%
NSF: 42, 53, 401

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Megahome Water Distiller

#1 Distiller: Megahome MH943SBSTru

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$Water DistillerUp to 99%-Megahome Water Distiller

#1 Distiller: Megahome MH943SBSTru

Our Rating:
Price: $
Type: Water Distiller
Fluoride Reduction: Up to 99%
NSF: -

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Best Fluoride Water Filter Reviews

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride? (+ Our #1 RO Fluoride Water Filter: AquaTru)

A study conducted by the University of Nebraska in 2008 showed that even small point-of-use reverse osmosis systems are very well capable of removing fluoride from tap water – some systems are certified to take out more than 90%.[1]

In our opinion, the best reverse osmosis fluoride water filter in 2021 is the AquaTru. Certifications according to NSF standards 42, 53, 58, and 401, and NSF protocol P473 guarantee the removal of dozens of hazardous contaminants that you don’t want in your drinking water (fluoride reduction rate: 93.5%).

The highlight, however, is that the AquaTru countertop RO system doesn’t require a permanent installation. You just place it on your countertop, plug in the power cable, and you’re good to go – it’s super convenient and ideal for renters. The cherry on top is that maintenance couldn’t be easier and the system is affordable, as well. 4.5 stars!

Make sure to use our discount code BOSAquaTru at checkout and get 5% OFF!

AquaTru Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

AquaTru Reverse Osmosis System

System Type:Reverse Osmosis
F¯ Red.:93.5%
NSF:42, 53, 58, 401, P473
Warranty:1 Year

Our Rating


  • The AquaTru countertop reverse osmosis system has earned 5 NSF certifications which guarantees clean, healthy, and great-tasting water for drinking and cooking with more than 80 contaminants removed, including fluoride (93.5%), lead (99.1%), chromium-6 (97.2%), PFAS (97.5%), pesticides, drug residues, organic compounds, chlorine, and cyst (99.99%).
  • Uses 4-stage filtration process to achieve these results.
    • Stage one and two is a combination of sediment and activated carbon pre-filter. Apart from chemicals and bad taste and odor, it filters larger particulates to protect the rest of the system from clogging.
    • The reverse osmosis membrane rejects the contaminants listed above + others.
    • Stage four uses a carbon block for final polishing.
  • Fast filtration purifies one gallon of water in 10-15 minutes thanks to built-in pressure pump.
    • High water pressure also reduces wastewater production. The recovery rate is 80%, meaning only 20% of the input water goes down the drain (reverse osmosis systems that don’t feature pumps waste around 3-5 gallons for every gallon of filtered water).
  • System setup doesn’t involve drilling or plumbing and barely takes 10 minutes.
  • Design is space-saving.
  • Operation is intuitive: Fill water into the removable tank and install it back into system. The RO water collects in the front tank (can be removed for cooling). Reject water collects in second tank ready to be discarded.
    • Easy push button dispensing.
  • Plastic material is BPA and BPS-free.
  • The different filters last between 6 months and 2 years. Annual/biannual replacement only takes a few minutes with no need for tools. Lights on the front panel will tell you whenever it’s time for a new filter.
    • Cost: We estimate between $100 and $120 a year which is really affordably.
  • Manufacturer warranty is one year.


  • A few people had issues with leaks. For others, the water filtration system stopped working entirely.

→ Full AquaTru Review Here

Best Fluoride Filter Pitcher: Clearly Filtered

In our opinion, by far the best fluoride filter pitcher in 2021 is the Clearly Filtered. It removes more water contaminants than any other pitcher and is thus for people who have clean drinking water at the top of their priority list. Fluoride reduction: 96.9- 98.2% – simply outstanding. 5 stars!

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Type:Water Filter Pitcher
F¯ Red.:96.9-98.2%
NSF:42, 53, 244, 401, P473

Our Rating


  • The only water filter pitcher tested against 5 NSF standards (42, 53, 244, 401, P473) with outstanding results. Targets far more than 200 water contaminants including fluoride, chlorine and chloramine (99.9%), bacteria and cyst (99.9%), lead (99.5%), arsenic (99.6%), chromium-6 (96.9%), two dozen pharmaceutical drugs (99.9%), a bunch of herbicides (93.2-99.9%), pesticides (99.9%), PFAS (99.6%), and more than 100 VOCs (most to 99.9%).
    • Healthy minerals are kept in the water adding to your daily nutritional intake.
  • Uses Affinity Filtration Technology, a combination of granular activated carbon and several other proprietary filter materials.
  • Pitcher is super easy to assemble – barely takes 2 minutes – and use (we tested this ourselves).
  • Holds up to 10 cups of water which is enough for a whole family if you remember to refill on a regular basis.
  • Pitcher + filters are made in the USA from medical-grade Tritan plastic. 100% BPA-free.
  • One cartridge lasts 100 gallons of water or 4 months on average. Keeps maintenance at a bare minimum. Cost per piece: $50 (cheaper if you buy in bulk and subscribe).
  • Full refund thanks to 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.
  • Lifetime guarantee on pitcher and A+ customer support.


  • The Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher is more costly to purchase and maintain than most of the competition.
  • A few people have reported that their filters don’t last as long as advertised and that the filtration speed is rather slow. Personally we haven’t had any issues.
    • A long contact time between water and filter media can be a good thing. It allows for a more thorough filtration.
    • Clearly Filtered replaces defective water filters free of charge.

→ Full Clearly Filtered Review Here

Best Whole House Fluoride Filter: Crystal Quest

Our number one whole house fluoride filter in 2021 is sold by Crystal Quest. Fluoride reduction: 90-95% when used as intended. The high quality system comes in 2 different sizes. The smaller version is for homes with up to 3 bathrooms. The larger system is for 4+ bathrooms.

Both come with a programmable head valve which allows for automatic backwashing to increase the life of the fluoride water filter media to as much as 1 million gallons! In other words, you don’t have to worry about replacing the media for several years. The long service life is also what makes the Crystal Quest fluoride whole home water system a worthwhile investment. The initial price tag seems high but it’s all the more affordable in the long run, especially compared to cartridge-based systems. 4.5 stars.

Crystal Quest Whole House System

Crystal Quest Whole House Water Filtration System

System Type:Whole House Filter System
F¯ Red.:90-95%
Warranty:1 Year

Our Rating


  • Uses mineral tank filled with granular activated charcoal-based fluoride filter media (bone char).
    • Mixture of adsorption and chemical reaction to remove as much fluoride as possible.
    • Also effectively removes lead, mercury, and arsenic.
  • Copper-zinc alloy additive prevents bacteria growth inside the mineral tank.
  • 5-micron sediment pre-filter (20”) traps silt, sand, dirt, and other large particles so they don’t get stuck in the mineral tank.
  • 5-micron coconut-shell carbon block post-filter (20”) removes any chemicals and other contaminants to improve water taste.
  • 1.5 cubic feet filter media (small version) lasts 750,000 gallons at 9-11 gallons of water per minute water flow. 2.0 cubic feet media (large version) lasts 1,000,000 gallons at 10-13 gpm flow.
    • Maintenance-free for up to 10 years.
  • System designed for municipal water containing inorganic fluoride.
  • Can be used over a wide water pH range.
  • Choose between fiberglass or steel casing for durability.
  • Easy installation and programming thanks to solid instructions.
  • Sediment pre-filter lasts up to 2 years. Carbon post-filter lasts 12-18 months. We estimate 8-10 years for a family of 4 before the bone char needs to be replaced.
    • Total average annual cost: $115-140, depending on system size.
  • Covered by manufacturer warranty for one year.


  • Expensive at purchase.

Whole Home Alternative: Crystal Quest Big Blue

Crystal Quest Big Blue

For smaller homes with 1 or 2 bathrooms, the Crystal Quest Big Blue system might provide a high-enough flow rate to meet your water demand even at times of peak consumption.

The max water flow is 4-6 gallons per minute. So you can’t really use more than 2, maybe 3 water outlets at the same time without experiencing a drop in pressure or unfiltered water leaching through.

As for the filtration itself, the filtering media is identical to what the larger Crystal Quest water filtration system uses: Bone char + bacteriostatic copper-zinc additive. Fluoride reduction: 90-95%.

The Crystal Quest Big Blue is a lot more affordable upfront, but it’s more costly to maintain on a yearly basis. You’ll probably have to replace the filter cartridge at least once a year. As of 6th July, 2021, one cartridge costs $239.00 which is about twice as much as you’d have to spend for the other Crystal Quest system.

Best Fluoride Shower Filter: Propur ProMax

Is there even such a thing as a shower (head) water filter which removes fluoride? Unfortunately, there isn’t – at least not really. Yes, there are companies that list fluoride-reducing shower water filters, but they’re just not very effective. The best unit we could find is the ProPur ProMax. Fluoride reduction rate: Around 48%.

Well, better than nothing but we recommend installing a whole house fluoride water filter instead, if you have the budget. A point-of-entry system will treat all the water entering your home which, of course, also includes your shower water. Simply put, the filtration is much more thorough. For example, the Crystal Quest water filter reviewed above eliminates 90-95% fluoride.

In case you want to stick with the Propur ProMax, here’s our review:

Propur ProMax Shower Filter

Propur ProMax Shower Filter

Type:Shower Filter
F¯ Red.:48%
NSF:42, 53

Our Rating


  • Uses 4 propriety filtration layers.
  • Tested against NSF standards 42 and 53 to reduce 200+ contaminants protecting your body from their unhealthy effects. The most thorough testing we’ve seen so far performed on a shower filter.
    • Chloramine (71.0%), chlorine (57.1%), sodium fluoride (48.2%), VOCs (most >90%), arsenic (28.0%), chromium (28.8%), lead (61.1%), mercury (79.2%), pesticides (approx. 50 to 60%), semivolatile compounds (70-80%), nitrites (82.8%), nitrates (23.6%) etc.
    • Results are not perfect but better compared to many other shower filters.
  • 2 gallons per minute water flow rate provides for enough pressure.
  • Includes massaging head with 5 spray settings.
  • Choose from 4 different finishes: White, chrome, antique bronze, brushed nickel.
    • Chrome version is also available with a handheld wand.
  • Installation and maintenance is straightforward and doesn’t take much time.
    • Fits standard ½” pipe threads.
  • Filters last 6 to 9 months. Cost: $40 a cartridge which is acceptable.
  • Made from BPA-free plastic.


  • Relatively expensive.

→ Full Propur ProMax Filter Review Here

#1 Fluoride Filter Water Bottle: Clearly Filtered

In our opinion, the top fluoride filter water bottle in 2021 is sold by Clearly Filtered. In fact, the company sells 3. There’s an insulated stainless steel filtered water bottle, a filter bottle made from Tritan plastic, and one made from glass.

Different materials yes, but all apply the same filter cartridge to remove more or less the same contaminants the Clearly Filtered pitcher removes (reviewed above). Thus, you can expect very thorough water filtration – the most thorough in the realm of filter bottles as far as we know. Fluoride reduction rate: 99.0-99.9%. People couldn’t be happier about their purchase and would buy again. 5 stars!

Clearly Filtered Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Clearly Filtered Insulated Stainless Steel Filter Water Bottle

Type:Water Bottle
F¯ Red.:99.0-99.9%
NSF:42, 53, 401

Our Rating


  • Bottles provide clean, safe, and great-tasting drinking water.
  • Very high quality overall.
  • Clearly Filtered Affinity filtration filters 220+ contaminants. 99.0-99.9% fluoride, 99.9% chlorine and chloramines, 99.9% herbicides, 99.9% lead, 99.9% pharmaceuticals, 99.9% of pesticides, VOCs, and semi-volatile compounds.
    • Tested by an independent EPA-accredited laboratory to NSF standards 42, 53, and 401.
  • Filters last 25 gallons or 6 months.
    • Equals 160 fill-ups for the steel and glass filtered water bottles and a little more than 130 fill-ups for the plastic version.
  • Easy to use. Fill bottle with water and suck it out through the mouthpiece connected to the filter straw.
  • Stainless steel water bottle is double-wall insulated for up to 24 hours of cooling.
    • Available in different colors.
  • All materials are BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free so nothing leaches into the water.
  • Built in USA.
  • Covered by lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.


  • Requires quite strong suction to get enough water (similar to drinking a thick milkshake).
    • Filters become less restrictive over time.
  • If bottle leaks check that the silicone ring inside the lid is in the right position.

→ Full Clearly Filtered Water Bottle Review Here

Best for Under the Sink: Clearly Filtered 3-Stage System

The best under sink fluoride water filter in 2021 is the Clearly Filtered 3-Stage system. Apart from removing 99.5% sodium fluoride, it takes care of 230+ other water contaminants. And this is not just a claim. It has been tested by independent EPA-approved laboratories according to NSF standards. Simply put, you won’t find an under sink water filtration system that outperforms the Clearly Filtered 3-Stage – both in terms of fluoride AND overall contaminant removal. 5 stars!

Clearly Filtered 3-Stage Under-the-Sink Filter System

Clearly Filtered 3-Stage Under-the-Sink System

System Type:Under Sink Filter System
F¯ Red.:99.5%
NSF:42, 53, 401

Our Rating


  • The under sink water filtration system is NSF standard 42, 53 and 401 tested to capture chlorine (98.6%), chloramines (95.3%), arsenic (94.3%), hexavalent chromium (99.4%), lead (99.9%), PFAS (99.9%), more than a hundred VOCs and SVOCs (99.9%), and many other types of contaminants found in water. The result is healthy and clean drinking water.
    • Maintains all healthy minerals.
  • Uses 3 filter stages. Stage 1 is coconut shell granular activated carbon. Stage 2 and 3 are proprietary media blends (Affinity Filtration Technology).
  • DIY installation doesn’t take more than 15 minutes and is non-permanent. Great for renters and to save money.
    • Mounting the system is optional. All hardware is included.
  • Filters last a full year on average and can be replaced in seconds – tools-free and without the need to shut off the feed water supply.
  • Made in USA.
  • Uses stainless steel hoses for durability.
  • Whole under sink system is covered by lifetime warranty.
  • You have a 30-day window after purchase to return the product if you’re not satisfied and receive a full refund.


  • System reduces water pressure by about 15-25%.
  • Considerably more pricey than competitor water filters. This also applies to the replacement filters.
    • Worth the investment if you ask us.
    • Subscribe to receive replacement filters automatically on schedule and save 10% + get free shipping.

→ Full Clearly Filtered Under-the-Sink System Review Here

Do Berkey Filters Remove Fluoride? (Our #1 Countertop + Portable Filter)

Berkey systems are popular gravity water filters, especially in the SHTF community. As portable countertop units, they’re easy to assemble, low in maintenance, and very effective at removing a whole arsenal of contaminants to provide high-quality water. Long-term fluoride reduction: 97% when used with optional PF-2 fluoride water filter elements.

By the way, there’s no difference between the various Berkey models except for their size which determines filtration speed and water holding capacity. Other than that, they work with the same filter elements and thus achieve the same level of water purity. Our personal favorite is the Big Berkey system. It’s perfect for small families with up 4 people but is not too bulky for most kitchens and to be moved around. 4.5 stars!

Big Berkey

Big Berkey Water Filtration System

System Type:Gravity Water Filter System
F¯ Red.:97%
NSF:42, 53

Our Rating


  • Berkey systems produce great-tasting drinking water.
  • Tested by accredited laboratories to remove fluoride, viruses, bacteria, cysts, heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and chromium, VOCs, chlorine, chloramine, THMs, Bisphenol A, Ibuprofen, pesticides and VOCs, sediment, turbidity, taste and odors, and much more contaminants. Testing standards: NSF 53.
    • To maintain fluoride reduction efficiency for up to 1,000 gallons of water use optional PF-2 filters (also available on
    • All minerals are preserved in water.
  • Work based on gravity. No electricity and external water pressure required. Ideal for emergency situations or power outages.
  • You can use almost any water as your feed source.
  • Filters are long-lasting which saves time and money.
  • 304 food-grade steel tanks are durable and look good.
  • Casket protects countertop from scratches.
  • System assembly takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes.


  • Replacement filters are relatively expensive. The fluoride elements cost extra.
  • The filtration does not stop when the lower tank is full. Be careful not to overfill.
  • You have to lift the top chamber to check how much purified water is left in the system.
  • For some people the plastic spigot started to leak.
  • Frequent filter re-priming is required.
  • Water flow from spigot may be slow due to negative pressure.

→ Full Berkey Water Filter Review Here

#1 Inline & Refrigerator Water Filter that Removes Fluoride

In our opinion, the best inline/fridge water filter that removes fluoride in 2021 is the Clearly Filtered Universal. It’s the only unit we could find that’s actually tested for fluoride. And it’s very effective, too, and works flawlessly. Average sodium fluoride reduction: 99.5%! 4.5 stars.

Prop tip: As an inline water filter, the Clearly Filtered Universal is compatible with all appliances including refrigerators. When you install it, you’ll no longer need to use the filter that comes with your fridge. Depending on your fridge model, you might be able to bypass it or take it out.

Clearly Filtered Inline and Refrigerator Water Filter

Clearly Filtered Inline and Refrigerator Water Filter

F¯ Red.:99.5%
NSF:42, 53, 401

Our Rating


  • Features slim 2×12 inches design. Can be fitted in tightest corner or behind your refrigerator.
  • Works with all models as long as there’s a ¼” water line.
  • Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes – think push fittings. Simply connect existing water line to filter’s inlet/outlet.
    • Comes with one extra braided stainless steel line if that’s your water line type (choose during checkout process).
    • Package includes mounting bracket with screw.
  • Affinity Filtration Technology removes 232+ tap water contaminants (NSF testing standards 42, 53, and 401).
    • Uses activated carbon to adsorb bad tastes and odors, chlorine (98.6%), chloramine (95.3%), herbicides (99.9%), pesticides (99.9%), and organic compounds.
    • Uses proprietary filter media to reduce radiation, microplastics, pharmaceuticals (most to 99.9%), sodium fluoride (99.5%), perfluorinated chemicals (99.9%), arsenic (94.3%), aluminum (99.9%), cadmium (99.9%), chromium (99.4%), lead (99.9%), mercury (99.9%), and VOCs + SVOCs (99.9%).
  • Filtration capacity is 365 gallons of clean drinking water so you don’t have to replace too often.
  • Made in USA.
  • Backed by 30-day trial period and lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.


  • $150 price tag is more than what the competition charges.

Review: Megahome Water Distiller

There’re different versions of the Megahome Water Distiller but they’re identical in the inside: All material the water touches is either 304 stainless steel or glass. This prevents chemicals and other substances from recontaminating the purified water. People say it’s a great purchase, everything works exactly as advertised, and the water tastes very pure. 5 stars!

Megahome Water Distiller

Megahome Water Distiller

System Type:Water Distiller
F¯ Red.:Up to 99%
Warranty:1 Year

Our Rating


  • System is very simple to use.
  • Produces 1 gallon of distilled water in 5½ hours which should be enough drinking water for small families.
  • Electricity cost of 35 to 50 cents per distillation cycle is cheaper than buying bottled water.
  • Distilled water is almost 100 percent pure.
  • Uses activated carbon water filter sachets to adsorb volatile contaminants as well as tastes and odors.
    • Sachet housing comes with glass insert.
    • Replacement sachets are affordable.
  • Assembly only takes a few minutes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • UL-listed and approved meaning in compliance with safety standards.
  • All materials free from BPA.
  • Replacement parts can be purchased online.
  • One year warranty.


  • Residues bake to the boiling chamber at the end of distillation cycle.
    • Pro tip: Use timer switch and program it to turn off before all water has evaporated.
  • You have to push the start button firmly or the machine might not turn on.
  • For some users, the distiller shuts off prematurely for no apparent reason.

→ Full Megahome Water Distiller Review Here

Faucet Filters

As far as we know, faucet filters won’t help you get fluoride out of your water. If you are still interested in learning more about this filter type, follow this link.

Water Filters That Remove Fluoride AND Chlorine

Eliminating chlorine from water is way easier than getting rid of fluoride. The products listed on this page are all capable of removing the former.

By the way, our Chlorine Special is the best place if you want to learn more about how to remove chlorine from your water.

Buying Guide: What to Look For When Buying a Fluoride Water Filter

Here’s what you should consider when shopping for the best fluoride water filter:

Know Your Water

First of all, you should know your water and the contaminants in it (does it even contain fluoride?). Because fluoride content is only one part of the equation. What if you’re also dealing with poisonous lead or carcinogenic PFOA?

Bottom line: Check your free water quality report or have your water thoroughly tested so that you can choose your ideal water filter accordingly.

The Different Fluoride Water Filter Types

5 methods of water purification have shown to be effective at fluoride removal: Reverse osmosis, ion exchange, distillation, and treatment with activated alumina or bone char media.

So removing fluoride from water isn’t so much about the type of filter, for example under sink vs. countertop, than it is about the specific purification process applied.

Still, there’re certain filter types that appear to be more popular and effective than others when it comes to fluoride filtration. Those are:

  • Countertop and under sink reverse osmosis systems
  • Water filter pitchers
  • Whole house water filters
  • Regular under sink water filters
  • Gravity units
  • Water distillers
  • Filter bottles

water filter

Water Filters That Don’t Reduce Fluoride

We don’t know of any faucet water filtration system that removes fluoride sufficiently.

The same goes for shower filters. The most promising model is the Propur ProMax which hardly removes half of the fluoride in water as testing has shown.

Standardized Testing and Certifications

Reverse osmosis systems can be tested and certified according to NSF Standard 58 for fluoride reduction. NSF International is a not-for-profit organization which develops industry standards. So when comparing different RO systems make sure to check their performance data sheets.

You might also find fluoride reduction rates for non-RO water filters which is great. Just know that any performed testing wasn’t standardized because there currently don’t exist any standard.


Bottle, gravity, countertop, and pitcher filters as well as water distillers are installation-free which saves you quite some time and possibly money.

Under sink and whole house water filters do require proper installation. If you’re not a DIY type of guy, you should calculate with a few hundred extra dollars for the install.

Maintenance Cost

A filter system’s initial price tag is one thing. To this you have to add recurring expenses for filter replacement. Thus, you want to double-check how long a filter element lasts and how much a new one costs. This saves you from unpleasant surprises down the road.

More on Fluoride Filters

Water Fluoridation – How Fluoride Gets into Our Water Supplies

Fluoride or rather a fluoridated compound is deliberately added to municipal water supplies in the United States in order to reduce tooth decay – think cavity prevention. And there’s nothing wrong with that per se. After all, water fluoridation can reduce cavities in children.

However, efficacy in adults is less clear. This is probably why most European countries, which have experienced substantial declines in tooth decay themselves, find no benefit to water fluoridation compared with topical use in toothpaste.

This is backed by recent studies suggesting that water fluoridation, particularly in industrialized nations, may be unnecessary due to the widely adopted use of topical fluorides.

Health Problems – Can Too Much Fluoride Be Harmful?

The problem with water fluoridation is that, once added to our water supplies, there’s no way of controlling who ingests how much fluoride – not a good starting point when you consider that the majority of children already exceed the daily recommended fluoride intake by nutrition alone.

Drinking Water Is NOT the Only Fluoride Source

Drinking water is not the only fluoride source. Fluoridated toothpaste, salt and milk, cookware, medications, and processed food also add to our daily fluoride intake. An oversupply can lead to serious health issues including:

By the way, only half of the fluoride your body absorbed gets stored. The rest is flushed out via urine.

Where does fluoride get stored in the human body? 99% ends up in our teeth and bones. This is why high fluoride consumption over a whole lifetime can lead to joint stiffness and joint paint.

The remaining 1% ends up in soft tissue such us our brain and pineal gland. Calcification of the pineal gland as a consequence of long-term oversupply can result in sleep disorders, fatigue, and depressions.

How to Remove Fluoride from Water at Home

The level of fluoride dissolved in tap water as currently recommended by the American Dental Association for optimal dental health should be 0.7 ppm. The ADA further says that, even at higher concentrations, the effectively measured fluoride amount in US water supplies doesn’t exceed 1 ppm. In comparison, non-fluoridated water usually contains less than 0.3 ppm, although concentrations in groundwater can be higher.

Taking this into consideration, it’s seems fair to ask if any water filter system is actually capable of removing or reducing such a small amount of fluoride, or if the salt simply slips through the grid of even the most rigorous filtration processes to later end up in our water glasses anyway.

To answer the question, the Water Quality Association lists four treatment methods as suited for the removal of fluoride from tap water:

  • Reverse osmosis– It’s the most commonly used method of water purification and utilizes a semipermeable membrane to filter out up to 99% of all contaminants. → Check system review
  • Strong base anion exchange– Filter systems based on this technology are rare. As far as we can tell, they’re only available for industrial use but not your home.
  • Activated alumina adsorption media– The most popular water filters that apply activated alumina are Berkey systems which we’ve reviewed further above (jump).
  • Distillation– Your last option are water distillers that, strictly speaking, don’t belong to the group of water filters. However, they offer an effective way of removing fluoride from water, which is why we don’t want you to miss out on them. → Click to see reviews

Although not on the list, bone char is another water filter media with high fluoride adsorptive capacities. Produced by charring mainly cattle and pig bones, the porous, granular material consists of tricalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, and carbon. Tricalcium phosphate is what removes the fluoride.
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Brita, PUR, ZeroWater, LifeStraw – Do They Remove Fluoride?

Some of the most popular water filters, PUR and Brita pitcher filter systems among them, will not filter fluoride out of your water. Yes, they improve water taste and eliminate chlorine and related contaminants, but when it comes to fluoride it’s a whole ‘nother story – the reason being that both PUR and Brita (pitcher) filters use carbon to trap impurities which doesn’t have any effect on fluoride.

As for LifeStraw, it only filters bacteria, protozoa, and viruses.

Does the ZeroWater pitcher remove fluoride? Yes! ZeroWater filter pitchers achieve an average reduction of 99% according to tests conducted by an EPA certified laboratory.

Do Water Softeners Remove Fluoride?

The sole purpose of a water softener is to soften water. It has no effect on fluoride. That’s just not what the softening resin was designed to do.

Can You Boil Fluoride Out of Water?

No, you can’t. Boiling does not affect fluoride because it doesn’t evaporate easily. What you can do instead is use steam distillation to separate the water from all the contaminants it contains.

Removing Fluoride Naturally

How can you remove fluoride from drinking water naturally? Again, you can’t. Fluoride neither evaporates at room temperature nor does it break down if you wait long enough. It’s just not possible.

Tips for Reducing Your Overall Daily Fluoride Exposure

Removing the fluoride from your water is one step to reduce your overall exposure. What you can also do is:

  1. Eat less processed and more organic foods – Many pesticides and insecticides used in conventional agriculture contain fluoride. Furthermore, every processing step adds the likelihood of increased fluoride concentrations in food, due to the potential use of fluoridated water and salt or fluoride being used as a preservative.
  2. Regulate your fluoridated salt use.
  3. Drink less green and black tea as well as coffee – Almost all brands of green and black tea are high in fluoride. The same goes for some species of coffee.
  4. Consider using fluoride-free toothpaste.
  5. Avoid Teflon-coated cookware – Teflon contains fluoride.
  6. Try to avoid medications containing fluoride – Maybe your doctor can find you a suitable alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions – Fluoride FAQ

  • What are the most trusted fluoride water filter brands?
    We’re not sure there even is a water filter brand considered most trusted for fluoride filtration. Our favorite products are listed above. They’re the most effective currently on the market.
  • How to make a fluoride water filter?
    We wouldn’t recommend trying to create your own fluoride water filter system. A) It’s likely that you won’t success and B) it’s simply not worth the effort. Just buy one!
  • Is a fluoride home water filtration system worth it?
    If you want to get rid of fluoride in your drinking water then yes, a fluoride water filtration system is definitely worth it!
  • How do I know if a filter removes fluoride?
    You should check its performance data sheet. Testing according to NSF Standard 58 usually includes fluoride removal capabilities for reverse osmosis systems. For non-RO water filters, any reduction rates were determined in non-standardized tests which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


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Questions about how to remove fluoride from water? Ask away!

And come back to this page from time to time as we’re going to continue our hunt for the best fluoride water filter.

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