Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Review – #1 Filter on the Market?

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Before we get started with our Clearly Filtered review; the unit is for people who really, really care about the quality and taste of their drinking water. It removes more contaminants than any other water filter pitcher on the market today, making it our top pick for the filtration of tap water and properly disinfected well water. Do we have your attention? Well, there’s more…

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Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Filtration Capacity:100 Gallons
NSF Standards:42, 53, 244, 401, P473
Annual Cost:$$$

Our Rating

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Clearly Filtered Pitcher – Key Features

The Clearly Filtered pitcher provides safe, clean, and crisp H2O as you have never tasted before. Sounds a bit exaggerated? We know, but it’s the truth. What makes the pitcher stand out from the competition is that it’s the only model independently tested to 5 different NSF standards: 42, 53, 244, 401 & 473.

In other words, effective contaminant removal for the highest filtered water quality is guaranteed. What will be removed? Over 365 impurities in total, such as:

  • Chlorine (99.5%)
  • Chloramine (99.7%)
  • Fluoride (99.5%)
  • E Coli (99.99%), cryptosporidium (99.99%) and other pathogens
  • Arsenic (98.3%), lead (99.3%), chromium-6 (97.8%) and other heavy metals
  • About two dozen pharmaceutical drugs (99.9%)
  • 10 herbicides (up to 99.9%)
  • Lots of pesticides (up to 99.9%)
  • A bunch of chemicals like BPA, PFOA and nitrate (≥99%)
  • More than 100 volatile organic compounds/semi-volatile compounds (the vast majority to 99.9%)

Please note: This is only an excerpt! For more information check the performance data for the Clearly Filtered water pitcher filter here.

By the way, these results can be achieved thanks to the so-called “Affinity Filtration Technology”, a combination of granular activated carbon and several other proprietary filtration materials.

Unfortunately, Clearly Filtered does not disclose the exact makeup but promises that none of the materials used will leach anything into your water. We also know that it’s neither bone char nor activated alumina.

Popular Filter Pitchers Compared

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Clearly FilteredBrita LonglastPUR Lead-ReducingZeroWater
NSF Standards Tested/Certified42, 53, 244, 401, P47342, 53, 40142, 5342, 53
Filter Capacity100 Gallons120 Gallons30 Gallons20-40 Gallons
Total # of Contaminants Tested365121323
PFASup to 99.5%

“-” means not tested

Alexa’s Video Review

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Image 1Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Image 2Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Image 3Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Image 4

After setting up the pitcher and using it for a while we really liked this pitcher (…). It tastes really good, it pours easily, it was easy to set up, and I like how it looks on the counter. So it gets 5 stars in my book.

Alexa Gibbons – BOS Video Content Creator


Clearly Filtered Pitcher Pros

Apart from excellent filtration – the most important feature obviously – there are a few other things we like about the Clearly Filtered pitcher.

For one, it’s built in the USA.

What’s more, the average filter life is 100 gallons or 4 months. That’s not only convenient, it’s also much more than what you get with other popular filter pitchers on the market. And the Clearly Filtered holds the standard 80 ounces (10 cups) which provides a family with enough water for the moment. If you remember to refill the upper reservoir regularly you’ll never run dry. Speaking of refilling, the removable lid makes the unit really easy to use.

Thirdly, with the updated pitcher version all pouring issues have been resolved. A water dam keeps unfiltered water from spilling out while you pour the clean water. Granted, you still can’t pour if the top reservoir is full, but about half-full or less works just fine.

We also like that, according to the manufacturer, all or at least the majority of healthy minerals are kept in the water adding to your daily nutritional intake. Plus, the pitcher is made from medical-grade Tritan plastic that is 100% free from BPA.

Last but not least, the satisfaction guarantee allows you to ask for a full refund within the first 30 days after purchase if you’re not satisfied, no questions asked. On top of that, if your pitcher ever breaks Clearly Filtered will replace it free of charge (not in case of improper use). #LifetimeWarranty
Clearly Filtered Pitcher

The Clearly Filtered Pitcher – learn more on


There’s not much to say here. The pitcher is super easy to assemble (we tested this ourselves). It barely takes 2 minutes. You just need to remember to prime each new filter cartridge. A flushing disk is part of the package. In case the disk doesn’t work with your faucet you can let the filters soak overnight which should do the trick.

We would go into more detail about the priming process; however, Clearly Filtered provides a helpful video tutorial on the matter:


One filter cartridge is rated at 100 gallons with an average filter life of 4 months. For light water use, a single filter might last as long as 6 months, while larger families might need a replacement every 2 months. Long story short, it depends on your daily water usage.

The average annual cost is quite high. One filter costs $50. Although, if you buy in bulk and/or subscribe to get replacement filters automatically delivered to your place on schedule you can save up to $9.50 per piece.

Other than that, try to keep the pitcher out of the sun and away from heat sources (heat contributes to algae growth). You also want to follow the standard cleaning procedure to prevent algae. Warm soapy water usually does the trick.


Sorry, the manual isn’t available online.

Clearly Filtered Pitcher Cons

The Clearly Filtered water pitcher doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it’s one of the highest priced units on the market. And like we said, replacement filters aren’t exactly cheap either. In other words, if clean drinking water isn’t a priority of yours you might want to consider a product that is a tad more affordable.

Some people said their filter didn’t last as long as advertised and complained about slow flow. To be fair, this isn’t something we experienced ourselves. However, our tap water is already pretty clean.

You also have to remember that the Clearly Filtered was designed with a longer contact time in mind. Meaning the composite shell filter layer slows down the water flow deliberately to allow for higher chemical absorption. Another good news is, the seller is open to sending replacement filters for free if you think the first one’s defective.

Do your research online and you’ll also stumbled on complaints like

  • The initial priming being a problem if you can’t connect the flushing disk to your faucet – Something we can’t really understand having done the flushing ourselves. The piece which connects to your faucet is a flexible rubber material. And even if you can’t establish a firm connection, all that’s needed is a decent flow through the filter. If that doesn’t work you can simply soak the filter for 12 to 24 hours and you’re good to go.
  • A leaking filter – Also a problem we haven’t experienced ourselves yet, but apparently others have. We recommend reinstalling the filter cartridge and making sure the O-ring is properly seated.
  • The lid falling off when pouring – Just use your thumb or second hand to hold it in place.

Clearly Filtered Pitcher Review: Our Verdict + Best for

From a water quality perspective, the Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher is hands down the best product on the market right now, no doubt about that.

It’s ideal for people who are serious about their drinking water, want it to be as healthy as possible, and don’t mind spending a bit more. The Clearly Filtered is our go-to water filter pitcher. 5 stars!

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This completes our Clearly Filtered review. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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June Bug says May 7, 2020

I live in New York City and I was very disappointed with the slow filtering of my water using the Clearly Filtered pitcher. However, we added a PUR filter to our sink and this absolutely solved the problem. Our water zooms through the filtered as it was intended and the freshness can’t be beat. I guess it all depends on where you live and what is in the water that might slow it down.

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