Help, My Whole House Water Filter Is Making Noise!

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It is uncommon for whole house water filters, especially modern systems, to make noise, but it can still happen.

However, there’s no need to panic if your own whole house water filter is making weird noise. There could be several reasons for the noise, and most of them are minor issues that are easily fixable.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common causes of noisy whole house water filters as well as ways to fix them, so that you can get your filter back to running smoothly.

Key Takeaways

These are the common causes for a whole house water filter making noise and what you can do about them:

  • Humming – Humming could be due to differences in pressure before and after filter stages but it should go away in a few days. If the humming persists, it could indicate loose pipes.
  • Sputtering noise – This is most likely due to air bubbles. You can force any air out by turning on all your water outlets for a few minutes.
  • Whining – High water pressure is often the culprit for whining noise. They should go away after the system stabilizes. If the whining persists, it could be due to a malfunctioning valve.

Common Causes of a Noisy Whole House Water Filter

Many factors can contribute to noise in a whole house water filter, like calcium or magnesium buildup on the intake valves, loose connections, air inside the filter, or the system not being installed correctly. The sounds could also be caused by a water heater, dishwasher, or any other appliance that uses water.

To identify why your whole house water filter is making noise, it’s helpful to determine what kind of noise it is. Let’s look into these different noises and the causes related to them.

1. Whole House Filter Producing Humming Sound

One common noise complaint from whole house filter owners is a humming sound. This could be due to the difference in pressure between the different filtration stages. In most cases, the noise is not a sign of damage in the system, and will generally stop in a few days.

The humming could also just be an indicator of water flowing through the pipes. When pipes are loose or not comfortably secured, they can vibrate and produce a humming noise.

The material of the pipes is also a thing to consider. Since PVC or plastic pipes are lighter, they are more likely to produce sounds when hit with water pressure, as opposed to heavier, metal pipes which are better at dampening the noise.

Big Blue Whole House Water Filter

How to Fix

Humming sounds are not usually a serious concern. If your whole house water filter has started to make a humming noise, try to wait a few days. It could go away by then.

If not, examine all your pipes and see whether there are any that are not tightly secured. If you find any, you can try to fix them if you are confident enough with your plumbing skills. Otherwise, it’s safer to consult a professional plumber to help you with this problem.

If there is no problem but you find the noise bothersome, you can also try sound-dampening methods like insulating the pipes. If your pipes are located in a place that is not easily accessible, you can still block the noise by filling the cavities in the wall.

2. Whole House Filter Producing Sputtering Noise

A sputtering noise coming from your whole house water filter is most likely caused by air bubbles. There are two main reasons why air bubbles can appear.

In the filtration process, water is forced through tightly packed filter media where they can get trapped and accumulate. This build-up is what causes the filter to sputter, as water is forced through the clogged pores.

If you have an older model home filter, it’s not uncommon for air to be present in the entire house plumbing system. This happens because the pipes aren’t sealed perfectly, so air can enter through small cracks or leaks. If your sputtering noise is due to air bubbles, it should only happen when you turn on the cold water tap since hot water hardly contains any air.

How to Fix

One quick fix is to try opening any nearby water outlets. This will release any air pressure that’s built up and hopefully stop the sputtering noise.

If the sputtering returns after a few days, it could be that there is air in your main water supply. In this case, you can try forcing the air out by temporarily increasing the velocity of water flowing through your pipes. This means turning on all your water outlets and letting them run at the same time.

If none of these methods work, you may need to call a professional to help identify the source of your air bubbles and advise on the best course of action.

3. Whole House Filter Producing Whining Noise

High water pressure is often the culprit of a whining noise in your whole house water filter. Sometimes, when water systems take in water from a storage tank, there is a change in pressure. The sound goes away after the system stabilizes.

Another cause for a whining sound may be a malfunctioning valve.

How to Fix

If your whole house water filter is simply dealing with a change in pressure, wait for a while and check whether the sound persists.

If the whining noise is caused by a faulty valve, you may need to have it fixed or replaced.

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Contacting the Whole House Filter Manufacturer

Before taking any further action by yourself, it is best to reach out to the manufacturer of your whole house water filter and ask for their professional opinion. Maybe your filter is just not installed correctly. Most times, their team will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue over the phone or through email. Some companies will send a representative over to your house for an inspection.

Consulting a Plumber

If the manufacturer is unable to help, you can get a second and unbiased opinion from a professional. It is recommended to seek out a plumber in your area. Good plumbers are knowledgeable about the different types of whole house filters and will be able to quickly identify what is causing the noise in your system.

If you have any questions about your whole house water filter making noise please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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