How Much Does Under Sink Water Filter Installation Cost in 2023?

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Under sink water filters are point-of-use filtration systems that purify water on demand. If you have your eyes set on this useful and practical piece of equipment and want to know about the average cost of installation, you are at the right place.

Many builders try to rip off oblivious homeowners who end up paying way more than required. While most systems can easily be installed on your own, hiring a plumber won’t cost you much either.

On average, under-the-sink water filter installation will cost between $150-300 depending on the complexity of the system and additional adjustments required.

Stay with us as we give you a complete breakdown of the costs, hours required for the job, prices of systems, and average maintenance expenses.

Key Takeaways

  • Under sink water filter installation cost is typically between $150 to $300.
  • Breaking it down, the labor cost ranges from $50 to $200, and the needed installation supplies can go between $50 to $100.

Under Sink Water Filter Installation Cost

Setting up an under sink filter system usually requires making a hole in the countertop for the second faucet and drilling into the drain line.

Still, installing an under sink water filter is a relatively easy installation process compared to plumbing in whole house water filters. Therefore the costs are also comparatively lower. The total charge includes basic labor cost, additional tasks, and costs of material and supplies.

Most plumbers also offer to remove and dispose of old under sink filter systems at an additional charge.

Labor Cost

A professional plumber will require a maximum of one hour to install an under sink water filter. Typically plumbers are subject to an hourly rate, often ranging between $50 to $200.

Always check for licensing and insurance of the plumber you hire to ensure that you get the best service possible. Moreover, always get a written price estimate to ensure you are never over-charged later.

Installation Supplies

Installation supplies include connectors, tubing, and fittings. The total cost for installation supplies may range between $50 to $100.

Under Sink Water Filter

Factors That Impact Installation Cost

Here are a few factors that impact total installation costs.

Additional Plumbing Required

While it’s not always applicable to under-the-sink water filter systems, any additional plumbing required for the unit will increase the setup costs.

The Complexity of the Under Sink Water Filter

Some under sink water filters feature complex designs with lots of tubing and small pieces that are difficult to put together. The more complex the design of the system and the higher the number of components, the more it will cost to install it.

Installation Location

Some kitchens have an unusual space in the cabinet under the sink that can be hard to access due to multiple gadgets like garbage disposal, hand wash holder, etc. The harder-to-reach and constricted the place, the trickier it will be to install a filter under your sink and, subsequently, cost more.

DIY System Installation vs. Hiring a Pro

If you are replacing an old filter system for a new one, DIYing installation will be as easy as ABC. On the other hand, if you are setting up a completely new water filtration system for the first time, you will need basic plumbing knowledge to attempt a do-it-yourself install.

In case you have never touched a toolbox in your life and have no knowledge about fixing stuff, hiring a pro will be your best bet.

Keep in mind some systems require drilling a hole in the marble/granite/metal top for an additional faucet. Unless you are sure you won’t crack the countertop, we advise hiring a plumber.

Under Sink Water Filter System Prices

There are three types of under sink water filtration systems available in the market. Each is designed to target a different range of impurities and is priced differently.

Simply put, the more the filter stages, the higher the cost. Prices also vary significantly between various brands and models.

We recommend buying a system that has the best NSF certifications among all options.

Single-Stage Under Sink Water Filters

Single-stage under sink filters usually cost around $50-150 on average.

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Multi-Stage Purification Systems

Multi-stage filtration systems may range between $150-500, depending on the number of stages and filter media used.

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Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems

Under sink reverse osmosis is an advanced water purification method. Therefore, these system units tend to cost the most. The price range starts at about $200 and ends at $500.

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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an Under Sink Water Filter?

To be honest, the actual costs of under sink water filters are not related to their purchase or installation. Instead, the real price of these systems is associated with maintenance.

Filter cartridges for an under sink system should be changed every 3 to 6 months on average, depending on your water quality and usage. Reverse osmosis membranes only need to be replaced every 2 to 4 years.

If you do the math, a set of under sink replacement water filters can accumulate to a few hundred dollars each year. That said, there are also systems that can be maintained for less than $100 annually.

Total Average Cost (First Year)

Total average cost for under sink water filters grouped by single-stage, multi-stage, and RO systems is as follows:

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Type Price Installation Cost Installation Time Annual Cost Total (First Year)
Single-Stage $50-150 $150-$300 1 hour $50 $250-500
Multi-Stage $150-$500 $150-$300 1-2 hours $100-150 $400-950
RO System $200-$500 $150-$300 1-2 hours $150-200 $500-1000

If you have any questions about under sink water filter installation cost please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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