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10 Interesting Facts About Water that You Didn’t Know

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    Nothing New?

    Water is everywhere and we cannot live without it. The human body might still be able function if it has been deprived of food for weeks, even months. But try to go the that same time without water. You don’t stand a chance. There is no way that you are going to survive this – if you were massively overweight you could survive a couple of weeks, but that’s about it.

    Now this is all common sense and it’s nothing new to you. And since our blog articles are supposed to be entertaining and at the same time educational, we compiled a list of 10 interesting facts about water that we’re convinced you didn’t know yet (at least not all of them).

    Are you hooked? Good!

    10 Interesting Facts About Water that You Didn’t Know

    1. Daily Fluid Intake

    Although your daily fluid intake should be around 6-8 glasses of water, give or take, you do not need to consume all of it in pure liquid form. In fact, the larger part of the water that you ingest comes from the food you eat.

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    Of course, this also depends on your diet, which is why it’s important to eat enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Sweets, fast food and too much meat can leech water from your body.

    2. Water Intoxication

    You may have heard of water intoxication (hyperhydration). But not all people can imagine that too much water consumed in a short period of time can lead to an imbalance of your body’s fluid and salt levels and ultimately to various physiological symptoms such as strokes, coma and in severe cases death.

    What’s happening in your body is that the water overdose causes a dilution of salt and electrolytes so they are no longer working properly. This influences the functioning of your kidneys for example, which then causes physical problems that you can actually feel.

    We are not allowed and don’t want to give any medical advice, but make sure to not drink too much water at once, even after exercising.

    3. Water Usage

    The average American uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day.

    • Bathing accounts for 36 gallons per tub on average.
    • Showering accounts for 2.0-2.5 gallons per minute.
    • Brushing teeth and washing your face and hands is another 1-2 gallons per minute.
    • A dishwasher uses 6-16 gallons per load. Washing machines 25-40 gallons.
    • And finally, 1.6 to 3 gallons of water go down the drain each time you flush a toilet.

    4. Where To Get It From

    Around 80% of the world’s population receives water from public facilities. This also applies to people living in the United States. The remaining 15% of people supply themselves using wells or boreholes among other water sources.

    5. Only 30% Usable

    There is an incredible amount of water to be found on our planet, but we can only use about three tenth of it for both domestic and industrial appliances. The remaining 70% are mostly sea water.

    By the way, the largest chunk of fresh water is used in the States, where it’s mainly drawn from freshwater lakes, aquifers and rivers.

    6. Agriculture Is Water-Hungry

    Almost 75% of the world’s fresh water supplies are used to produce food. This includes growing crops and for the biggest part producing meat. In other words, everything that we eat has an impact on our water resources.

    Funnily enough, nearly all manufacturing processes require at least some water. So things like electronics, pharmaceuticals and cars have an impact, as well.

    7. Water Consumption in America

    People living in the United States consume 127% more water now, than they used to in 1950. Unfortunately, about 95% of the water entering their homes goes straight down the drain.

    This is why a campaign was started to encourage people to try to use no more than 13 gallons of water per day. Although this seems difficult to achieve, it’s definitely not impossible.

    8. 1% For Drinking

    Believe it or not, only 1% of all water on our planet can be drunk. The other 97% is either too salty or not safe for consumption, while the remaining 2% is stored in ice and glaciers.


    9. New From Old

    There is no ‘new’ water to be found on earth. Whether it originates from rivers, lakes, springs, or wells, it’s the same water that the dinosaurs already had millions of years ago.

    10. Thirst

    By the time a person feels thirsty, he or she has already lost 1% of total body fluids.

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    We really hope that by reading this post you’ve learned something new today. If so, please let us know in the comments below. Also, do you have interesting water facts that we can add to our list?

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