Review: APEC Essence Series ROES-PH75 Alkaline Mineral 6-Stage Water System

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In this review, we are going to check out the APEC ROES-PH75 alkaline mineral reverse osmosis water filter system that is part of the Essence series.

The system features 6 stages of filtration and promises to deliver clean and delicious drinking water right to your kitchen tap.

APEC Essence ROES-PH75

APEC Essence ROES-PH75

Filter Stages:6
NSF Certifications:58
Annual Cost:$$$
Warranty:1 Year

Our Rating

APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 – Key Features

  • At Stage 1, a 5-micron PP (polypropylene) sediment pre-filter traps larger particles like sand and rust that would otherwise accumulate in the system and cause clogging.
  • Stages 2 and 3 make use of coconut based activated carbon block filters adsorbing chlorine, VOCs and other chemicals and also improving the taste and smell of your water.
  • At the heart of the system is a semipermeable thin-film composite RO membrane that filters out up to 99% of all remaining contaminants – think arsenic, fluoride, radium and a bunch of heavy metals among others. Now we are left with almost pure H2O.
  • The second to last stage applies another activated carbon filter, this time it’s granular carbon, to give the water a finishing touch removing any residual tastes/odors.
  • And finally, a calcite filter enriches the water with calcium carbonate that was removed earlier in the purification process. The extra minerals round up the taste and increase alkalinity.

All in all, the APEC ROES-PH75 is identical to the standard ROES-50 unit with the only differences being the membrane and the additional remineralization stage.

Speaking of membranes, the one that comes with the APEC ROES-PH75 has a higher water output, 75 gallons per day that is (at 60 psi pressure).

Although it is important to note that the system won’t provide that much water due to backpressure from the storage tank and other factors. Still, the output is sufficient for drinking and cooking purposes, and flow rates are fast enough to eliminate long waiting times.

Filtered to wasted water ratio: 1:3

Feed water pressure: 40-85 psi

Max total dissolved solids: 2000 ppm

ROES-PH75 Pros

The reverse osmosis system is suited for treating both tap and properly disinfected well water, says APEC.

Furthermore, the filter cartridges are standard-sized. In other words, it’s easy to find cheap aftermarket replacements to make additional savings. The calcium is 100% U.S. made.

On top of that, you get a 1-year limited warranty for peace of mind which can be extended to 2 years if you register your product with the manufacturer.

Optional Upgrade:

If you want you can upgrade the ROES-PH75 with a UV light stage that kills microbial pathogens that can be found in non-chlorinated waters. Ultraviolet light is known to destroy 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and cysts in water.

FYI: The UV light won’t add nor remove anything from your water. It simply destroys microorganisms by taking their ability to reproduce.

APEC Essence ROES-PH75

The APEC Essence ROES-PH75 – learn more on

System Installation

Installing the system is not overly complicated thanks to the color-coded tubing and the quick connect fittings. And except for tools, everything you need is included in the package.

From our experience, if you are handy around the house and just follow the step-by-step instructions you should get the unit up and running within a few hours.

For additional guidance, check out this video series provided by APEC:

Parts List

  • RO module with filter and membrane housings
  • Pre/post-filter set
  • TFC membrane (0.0001 micron)
  • Calcite filter
  • Drain saddle
  • Water storage tank (4 gallons, white)
  • Tank stand
  • Tank ball valve
  • 360° rotatable lead-free brushed nickel faucet with washers and nuts
  • Color-coded tubing
  • Feed water adapter (½″ and ⅜″)
  • Feed water valve
  • Faucet adapter
  • Filter and membrane housing wrenches
  • Teflon tape and other accessory parts
  • Instructions
  • ROES-PHUV75 only: UV light bulb

Filter/Membrane Replacements

This is how often you will need to replace filters:

  • Sediment pre-filter: Every 6 to 12 months
  • Carbon block pre-filters: Every 6 to 12 months
  • RO membrane: Every 2 to 3 years for city water, 2 years on well water
  • Carbon post-filter: Every 2 to 3 years
  • Calcite post-filter: Every 6 to 12 months

As you can see, the maintenance requirements are relatively low. Of course, these are only general guidelines. How long each component will last in your specific case greatly depends on how much water you use and also the condition and quality of the feed water.

The good news is that the costs are reasonable. The biggest cost factor is the calcite filter which you might find a suitable and more affordable replacement for.


Want all the details? Here is a link to the manual.

ROES-PH75 Cons

Apart from the occasional leak here and there, there doesn’t seem to be one big issue that a great deal of customers is dealing with. Rather, we have a couple of minor ones:

For instance, bad ASO (automatic shut-off) valves have caused systems to drain constantly.

Some users reportedly had higher wastewater ratios of 5 or even 7 gallons for every gallon filtered.

And the remineralization stage has caused disappointment, since it does not necessarily make the filtered water alkaline, but only increase its alkalinity. RO purified water is known to be slightly acidic. The calcium carbonate can balance pH levels to some extent.

APEC ROES-PH75 Review: Our Verdict + Best for

We consider the APEC ROES-PH75 alkaline mineral 6-stage a solid RO drinking water filter. It’s affordable and easy to install, it performs well, and you have the option to choose cheaper aftermarket filters as replacements.

Most Amazon customers would recommend the system to others. Some said that the difference it makes is “shocking”.

Our verdict: 4.5 stars.

In our opinion, the ROES-PH75 is best for people who are into alkaline drinking water.

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