Aquasana SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener Review

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You probably came here looking for a salt-free water softener a.k.a. water conditioner that prevents the scaling of your plumbing system and water-using appliances effectively, but without wasting large amounts of salt and water for regeneration like traditional water softeners do.

Well, turns out that many water conditioners only work up to a relatively low water hardness level or require other parameters, such as a certain water pH range, to be met.

Is this also the case for the Aquasana SimplySoft? Let’s find out!

Aquasana Simplysoft

Aquasana Simplysoft

Flow Rate:7-10 gpm
Capacity:6 Years
# of People:Up to 5

Our Rating

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Aquasana SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener – Key Features

First of all, the Aquasana SimplySoft is a whole house descaler with a dual tank design that uses Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) technology to condition water “naturally” and thus reducing its scaling effects.

In this case, naturally means that nothing is being added nor removed from your water. How is that possible?

The SimplySoft uses a special kind of media to alter the structure of hardness minerals. This prevents them from binding and forming deposits, a method that is proven to reduce scale by up to 99.6%, says Aquasana.

Because calcium, magnesium and all other ions are not replaced by salt, the water’s TDS reading will remain the same.

In case you wonder, the system’s service flow is rated at 7 to 10 gallons per minute. It’s supposed to handle hardness levels of up to 25 grains per gallon, although it works best at 15 gpg or below.

Rated softening capacity: 6 years. Operating pressure: 20 to 100 psi.

And lastly, a 5-micron sediment pre-filter is part of the deal. It traps larger contaminants to increase the softener’s longevity.

The SimplySoft can also be bought in combination with the Aquasana Rhino, a whole house filter system that removes chlorine (chloramine) and other chemicals and impurities to make your water ready for drinking.

SimplySoft Pros

What we like most about the Aquasana SimplySoft? The fact that it doesn’t require salt, harsh chemicals, or a wastewater drain.

As a result, you are provided with salt-free water suited for people on a salt-restricted diet, you don’t have to carry around heavy salt bags, the water is safe for the environment as well as your garden and septic system, and it won’t feel slimy on your skin.

Other benefits are:

  • The SimplySoft preserves all healthy minerals.
  • Aquasana offers a 90-day full satisfaction guarantee with this product (only when purchased directly from the manufacturer). In other words, if you don’t like the softener you can send it back to receive a full refund of the purchase price – no questions asked. You are responsible for return shipping costs, though.
  • You get a 6-year limited warranty.
Aquasana Simplysoft

The Aquasana Simplysoft – learn more on

Installation + Startup Instructions

First of all, you should be aware that Aquasana recommends you to have a licensed plumber install the SimplySoft for you. It’s also the only way to validate the 6-year warranty.

If you still want to get a basic idea of how the setup goes, here are some step-by-step instructions:

If a softener is not equipped with a bypass valve, we recommend you provide for one for ease of maintenance. Also, make sure to comply with local plumbing codes.

  1. Make sure to install the system out of direct sunlight and in the inside preferably.
  2. Keep the unit in an upright position at all times.
  3. Remove the caps (red) from the inlet and outlet port of the main housing.
  4. Flush the unit properly before hooking it up. Use the adapter (included) to connect it to a garden hose.
  5. Open the water supply and flush the tank for 5 to 10 minutes. You will notice that the outcoming water is cloudy. That’s how it’s supposed to be – no reason to worry.
  6. Disconnect the garden hose.
  7. Place the unit in the desired location.
  8. Close the main supply valve.
  9. Connect the unit to the main water line using the provided components. Make sure to not over-tighten the fittings. Also, do not use pipe dope. NSF-certified pipe primer, glue or plumber’s tape is fine.
  10. Support the inlet piping assembly.
  11. Open the main supply valve.
  12. Check for leaks.
  13. Open the closest faucet for 5 to 10 minutes to flush the entire system.

The Package (Parts)

  • Descaler, 27″ x 46″ x 9″ (LxHxD)
  • EQ-304 sediment pre-filter
  • Pre-filter cartridge replacement package (4-pack)

The installation kit includes:

  • Filter housing wrench
  • Ball type shut-off valve
  • Support bracket
  • 4x 3/4″ x 3″ nipples
  • 2x unions
  • Hose adaptor

Programming, Settings & Maintenance

The good news is that the SimplySoft water descaler is low maintenance. All there is to do is change the sediment pre-filter cartridge as needed. So every time you can no longer detect the original white color of the filter, replace it with a new one.

If you allow the sediment to accumulate for too long, it can cause clogging and decrease flow.

What about programming and settings? Not required at all.


A manual for the Aquasana SimplySoft can be found on the official product website.

SimplySoft Cons

Our first issue is that a DIY install voids the product warranty. This obviously means that you have to spend the extra money – the system is not exactly cheap itself – for hiring a licensed plumber.

What’s more, some people said that the SimplySoft is a “waste of money” and that a regular salt-based water softener works way better. This is exactly what we were talking about earlier: Salt-free water conditioners don’t work with all waters.

On top of that, changing the pre-filter can get a little messy with water spraying all over.

Aquasana SimplySoft Review: Our Verdict + Best for

We wouldn’t recommend the Aquasana SimplySoft for very hard waters. It’s best for moderate hardness levels where the system seems to work perfectly fine and exactly as advertised – in most cases.

We just wished that it was a tad more affordable, because you also have to calculate the cost for installation. All in all: 3 out of 5 stars.

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This completes our Aquasana SimplySoft review. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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Kevin kosa says February 20, 2021

Hi Gene
I am one of the home owner who have a problem with Aquasana whole house water system. We are in harpers ferry, Wv. It is horrible, the toilet bowls with rings, the dishwashers, the glass sliding doors in the showers – are aml stained and difficult to removed.
We bought 3 systems – descaler and filtration- we didn’t know better.

Do you have any recommendations before switching over to salt base system?
Now we want to switch over to salt base. The residual water coming out from the salt base system – can it be used for watering plants?

    Gene says September 8, 2021

    Salt-based is probably the way to go but the water isn’t suited for most plants.

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