Review: Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Should You Buy?

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Eddy Water Descalers is a UK based company that markets the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler as the number one alternative to salt water softeners.

Why alternative? Because instead of sodium the descaler uses electromagnetic waves to reduce the scaling effects of calcium, magnesium and manganese salts in hard water.

These minerals are known to adhere to the inside of pipes forming limescale deposits.

As a result, water flow decreases and the overall lifespan of plumbing systems as well as water heaters, washing machines and other household appliances is shortened.

The Eddy Electronic provides a viable solution to this problem, preventing scale and dissolving existing deposits.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review

Eddy Electronic

Price: $
Capacity: Unlimited
Tech: Electronic Water Descaler
Made in UK:

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Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Key Features

How exactly does the descaling work?

The electromagnetic waves applied through two coils placed around your incoming water supply line alter the adhesion properties of the minerals in your water. So they are less likely to stick to surfaces and can be flushed away much easier.

However, nothing is added nor removed from the water. This has the benefit that all healthy minerals are retained. It’s also why you won’t see a drop in TDS.

In case you are wondering: The Eddy descaler works on both well and tap water and is effective on all types of pipes, except for those made from iron and galvanized pipe types.

The maximum allowed diameter is 1.5″.

All in all, you can expect great results at hardness levels of up to 20 gpg and more.

More About the Company

Eddy Water Descalers was founded in London in 1999. There was a need to solve hard water problems that many Londoners suffered from. Looking for a simple solution, the engineers came up with an electronic descaler, the Eddy ED1503P, which could be produced in the UK at affordable cost.

The 3-coil unit was updated to a 2-coil system (ED5002P) in 2003.

In 2006, the Eddy ED6002P Professional was introduced, which was originally designed for more stubborn applications, but is now the standard unit that the company offers.

Eddy Electronic Pros

What we like most about the Eddy is the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. No salt is being added to your water that will later enter our supply systems and eventually end up in our freshwater sources.

No salt also means that the system is highly economical, as you don’t have to continuously purchase new salt bags – also saves you a lot of time.

Speaking of money, this electronic descaler comes at a fraction of the price of what you pay for a conventional salt-based softener.

Other pros are the lifetime repair and replacement warranty provided by the manufacturer and the 12-month money-back guarantee for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

On top of that, the Eddy is CE and FCC certified to U.S., UK and EU standards.

Eddy Electronic

The Eddy Electronic – learn more on

Installation + Startup Instructions

The Eddy Electronic provides for an easy DIY install with no plumbing required. Literally anyone should be able to hook this unit up within a couple of minutes.

Just remember that it’s not waterproof and therefore not suited for outside installation.

By the way, the descaler comes with two circuits so that it can be used on two separate pipes, such as one cold and one hot water line.

Here is what you need to do:

If a softener is not equipped with a bypass valve, we recommend you provide for one for ease of maintenance. Also, make sure to comply with local plumbing codes.

  1. Wind the two cables (included) around your incoming cold water supply pipe – vertical or horizontal does not matter. The direction of winding also does not make a difference.
  2. Mount the unit to a nearby wall or panel with the help of the adhesive pads.
  3. Plug in the red and yellow cables to the main unit as shown (see manual).
  4. Plug in the power supply.
  5. Check if all lights on the console are illuminated.


Ben has uploaded a very helpful installation video to his YouTube channel. Make sure to check it out:

The Package (Parts)

  • Descaling unit, model ED6002P, 5 watt
  • 2x cable
  • Adhesive pads

Programming, Settings & Maintenance

There is no programming or maintenance involved with the Eddy Electronic. It’s fit and forget – love it!


Unfortunately, there is no instruction manual to be found online. Of course, one is supplied with the unit.

Eddy Electronic Cons

As with most conditioners, the Eddy Electronic does not seem to work for all users. Some reported that it did nothing for them in terms of reducing hardness stains or scaling on faucets and pipes.

What these customers appreciated, however, was that the company stood to their return policy and refunded the full purchase price.

Eddy Water Descaler Review: Our Verdict + Best for

While for the majority of customers the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a no-brainer product for its affordability, some remain skeptical.

We would recommend this descaler as doing exactly what is promised: Reduce scaling. It may not be a genuine softener, but accomplishes more or less the same at a fraction of the cost.

Excellent price, easy installation. Thus: 4.5 stars!

In our opinion, the Eddy is best for people who want an effective and affordable electronic water descaler.

This completes our Eddy descaler review. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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greg boyd says April 12, 2019

Hi; Can you tell me what gause (magnetic strength ) this system is rated for when installed on 3/4″ copper piping? Thanks; Greg

    Gene says April 12, 2019

    Sorry but the manufacturer hasn’t specified that.

Linda Miller says July 11, 2019

My house is on a slab and the only access to the whole house water line is underground. Can I install the coils outside? Where else would I be able to install the unit?

    Gene says July 12, 2019

    Hey Linda,
    It’s probably best if you talk directly to the manufacturer on that matter.

Frank Berenz says September 7, 2019

My water pipes are accessible only in my attic. Attic temps are hot, up to 45 days of 100+ degree days during summer months. Can the control unit be mounted in the hot attic or does it need to be mounted on the wall inside the garage with the wires routed through the ceiling into the attic?

    Gene says September 12, 2019

    Sorry Frank, I don’t know. It’s probably best if you get in touch with the manufacturer directly. They have a website!

jim chamness says March 11, 2020

I just tested the hardness of our water is tested at 250ppm will the eddy system work for us

    Gene says August 11, 2020

    It should according to the manufacturer!

Samantha Nichols says October 25, 2020

I am using it. Our water was super hard verified by the water company that tested it. There’s a big difference in the wash especially the jeans. They used to come out stiff and wrinkled and now they are so soft and wrinkle free. Our utensils are so much shinier. No scum. My hair feels a lot better too. Of course we have to clean off the old scum on everything, it won’t remove the stuff that’s already there. If you don’t see a difference, check your installation. You have to make sure everything is spaced correctly and the wires are all wrapped in the same direction.

    Gene says October 28, 2020

    Thanks for sharing!

Greg says February 6, 2021

Can you use an extension cord to help with hook up

    Gene says September 8, 2021

    You can!

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