Review: GE GXSH40V 40,000-Grain Water Softening System

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GE’s GXSH40V 40,000-grain water softener is ideal for households with 4, maybe 5 residents and a maximum hardness level of 110 gpg. Now 110 gpg would mean exceptionally hard water and doesn’t occur very often – fortunately!

The reason we point this out is so you don’t worry about this softener not being able to handle your level of hardness. It is.

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GE GXSH40V Review


Flow Rate:9.5 gpm
Capacity:40,200 Grains
# of People:Up to 5
Metered Regen:

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GE GXSH40V 40,000-Grain Water Softener – Key Features

The GE GXSH40V water softener provides 9.5 gpm water flow, which is pretty standard and ensures that you won’t see a pressure drop even when using multiple water outlets at the same time.

Is this the right system if you are on a private well? Yep!

You just have to make sure that if there is iron in your water it does not exceed 8 parts per million. Anything below that threshold should be fine, according to GE Appliances.

Of course we are talking about clear-water a.k.a. ferrous iron here.

Red-water iron (ferric), iron bacteria and colloidal iron for the most part won’t be affected.

Above that, the system can’t handle excess sediment.

And you should be careful in case of high chlorine content. Anything above 2 ppm may lead to a reduced lifespan of the softening resin.

Min/max water pressure: 20 psi – 125 psi.

Exact softening capacity: 40,200 grains.

GXSH40V Pros

What we like most about the GE GXSH40V softener is its water and salt saving properties. Compared to an older model, you can save up to 34% to 35% says the manufacturer.

Furthermore, the system will monitor your water usage and predict future demand, so that it can time regen cycles in a way that you always have soft water at the ready.

And lastly, we have NSF and CSA certifications according to U.S. and Canadian standards that guarantee effective hardness reduction and the inactivation of certain harmful substances for added safety.

On top of that, everything is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. The electronic control head has an additional warranty of 3 years, both the brine and the resin tank of 10 years.


The GE GXSH40V – learn more on

Installation + Startup Instructions

Thanks to the single-tank design, hooking up this water softener is relatively easy. There are fewer connections that you have to make and if you are handy with tools, you should be able to complete the install within a couple of hours.

Here is what you need to do:

If a softener is not equipped with a bypass valve, we recommend you provide for one for ease of maintenance. Also, make sure to comply with local plumbing codes.

Where to Install

GE recommends to install the GXSH40V in the inside. Damages that occur due to freezing temperatures or direct sunlight will not be covered by the warranty.

Also, you want to place the system close to where the main water line enters your house, so all the water is softened before it gets distributed to the different outlets and appliances throughout your home.

If you have a whole house filter system, install the softener after the unit. This will increase its longevity.

And remember that there has to be a drain and an electrical outlet nearby.

The Setup

  1. Turn off the main water supply.
  2. Open all faucets in your home to drain the remaining water.
  3. Install the brine tank overflow grommet and elbow in the back of the brine tank.
  4. Remove the unit’s top cover.
  5. Remove the clips from the bypass valve inlet and outlet ports to check for debris. Also check that the turbine spins freely.
  6. Coat O-rings with silicone grease.
  7. Install the bypass valve into the softener valve. Push as far as possible. Secure with two large holdings clips.
  8. Put the softener into your desired location.
  9. Connect the inlet and outlet ports of the bypass valve to the main water pipe. Use Teflon tape on all external pipe threads and be careful not to cross-thread when turning pipe fittings onto plastic fittings.
  10. Push the drain port elbow into the valve drain port. Secure with clip.
  11. In order to install the valve drain hose, connect the 3/8″drain line to the valve drain fitting. Secure with hose clamp.
  12. Route the drain hose to a suitable drain and secure it.
  13. Next install the brine tank overflow hose by connecting the 3/8″ drain line to the brine tank overflow elbow. Secure with clamp.
  14. Route the hose to the drain.
  15. Open at least 2 nearby cold soft water faucets.
  16. Put softener into bypass.
  17. Slowly turn on the main water supply.
  18. Wait until the water flow has steadied.
  19. Place the bypass valve in service position (see manual for this step).
  20. Wait for a couple of minutes before opening a hot water faucet to release any remaining air. Close the faucet.
  21. Close all cold soft water faucets.
  22. Check for leaks.
  23. Fill 3 gallons of water into the brine tank.
  24. Fill brine tank with salt.
  25. Plug the water softener into an electrical outlet.
  26. Replace the top cover.
  27. Replace the salt cover.
  28. Lastly, sanitize the whole system according to the manual.


The below video features the GE GXSH40V and outlines the installation process in great detail. Kudos to Jack of All Master of None!

The Package (Parts)

  • Resin + brine tank
  • Bypass valve
  • 12 ft. drain hose
  • Installation kit
    • Ground clamp kit
    • Clips
    • Installation adaptors
    • Hose clamps
    • Adaptor elbow
    • Grommet
    • O-rings
    • Drain fitting
    • Drain clip
  • Standard mesh resin, 1.107 sc. ft.

Programming, Settings & Maintenance

Configuring the GE GXSH40V is a breeze: Simply set the current time, your water hardness level as well as your preferred time for regeneration and lastly the current salt level, and you are good to go!

Various other optional features are also available which you can still activate later on if need be.

Apart from some cleaning here and there, the system is also super low in maintenance. All you need to do is keep adding new salt into the brine tank. The low-salt light and an audible alarm serve as reminders.

In addition, the display shows the estimated number of days until the reservoir is empty. How convenient!


If you are looking for a manual for further details, you can find one on this page.

GXSH40V Cons

A handful of customers had one or more of the following issues (among others):

  • Their softener quit working for no apparent reason after a few months up to 2 years of use.
  • Their unit’s brine chamber would not drain.
  • They struggled with GE’s poor customer service. First they had to wait for more than 30 minutes in the toll free line, then they did not receive a response when they were promised to get called back.

Of course, these cases are rare, but since this is an unbiased review and we want to give you the full picture, we didn’t want to withhold this information.

All in all, the majority of users seems very happy with their purchase.

GE GXSH40V Review: Our Verdict + Best for

Bottom line: This is a great product at a reasonable price that installs quickly and without difficulties thanks to the simple design and clear installation booklet.

It’s also very economical and works without problems for the large majority of users. GE’s customer service is not always reliable. Thus our verdict: 4.5 stars!

The GE GXSH40V water softener is best for large homes with increased hardness and ferrous iron levels.

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This completes our GE GXSH40V review. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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