Learn How to Remove Fluoride from Bath Water!

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If you live in an area where fluoride is added to the water supply, it can be a good idea to consider filtering it out if you want to have control over how much fluoride you consume.

This first and foremost applies to the water we drink.

But how about the water we use to wash our bodies? How can you remove fluoride from bath water? And is it even necessary? Find out below!

Key Takeaways

  • Removing fluoride from bath water can be done with the use of a whole house water filter that utilizes activated alumina, bone char, or reverse osmosis.
  • A water filter directly attached to the faucet of your bath tub cannot be used to remove fluoride.

How to Remove Fluoride from Bath Water

Removing fluoride from bath water requires specific filtration methods. Not all water filters are capable of dealing with fluoride. In fact, only a small set of them can achieve that. You will need to focus on finding a filter that utilizes

  • reverse osmosis,
  • activated alumina,
  • or bone char.

Distillation is also an option, but is not suitable at all for bath water.

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Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis is a filtration method which relies on a combination of a very fine membrane and high pressure. Water is forced through the membrane, which pushes back on most contaminants – such as fluoride – and doesn’t allow them to pass through.

What’s left is mostly water with a small number of remaining impurities.

Some whole house water filters utilize reverse osmosis. Investing in an advanced model with additional filtration steps is recommended when dealing with heavily contaminated water. And, using such a system will also remove fluoride from your home’s entire water supply, including the water you use for showering and bathing!

Activated Alumina Water Filter

Activated alumina is very effective at removing fluoride from water, and works well when integrated into a standard whole house filter.

The only point to consider here is that you need to maintain a lower water pH level for this filtration method to be as effective as possible.

Bone Char Filtration System

Bone char filters are made from animal bones, and are also very good at removing fluoride from water. These filters can also remove heavy metals and chlorine, making them a good all-around addition to a complete home filtration system.

(Water Distillation)

Water distillation is a great approach to removing fluoride from water. However, it doesn’t work that well in the context of bath water. That’s because distillation can usually only be done in small, limited batches. Setting up an ongoing purification system is not feasible. Even if you only need to do it once, it can still take a very long time to distill enough water to shower with.

What Will Not Remove Fluoride from Bath Water

Regular water filters will not remove fluoride from bath water. This includes practically all filters that don’t fall into one of the categories we listed above. If you’re not using a filter that utilizes activated alumina, bone char, or reverse osmosis, it won’t do anything against fluoride.

Some people also wrongly believe that boiling water can remove fluoride from it. Boiling is a good approach to disinfecting water, but it doesn’t do anything against fluoride. In fact, boiling your water can actually increase the concentration of fluoride. Some of the water will evaporate in the process, while the level of fluoride will stay the same, resulting in a higher concentration in the end.

Why Is There Fluoride in My Bath Water?

Fluoride can be naturally found in water, especially if you’re obtaining your water from a well close to rocks and certain types of soils.

But most of the salt comes from local water treatment facility. This is done in some areas to help fight tooth decay. While the effectiveness of this approach has been disputed, it remains a common practice in large parts of the world.

Are There Any Health Risks to Bathing in Fluoridated Tap Water?

Excessive intake of fluoride is linked to certain health risks and should be avoided. However, no such indications exist for merely bathing in fluoridated water. There is currently no information on fluoride entering the body through the skin.

While there have been some minor reports of people with alleged hypersensitivity to fluoride suffering from problems when bathing in fluoridated water, those have not been confirmed.

If you have any questions about how to remove fluoride from bath water please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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