Megahome MH943SBS Water Distiller Review 2023

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The Megahome Water Distiller comes in different versions. The MH943SBS is the most popular one. It’s black with a brushed stainless steel exterior. Then there’s the MH943SWS which combines white with a stainless steel outer shell. And lastly, the Megahome MH943TWS. It’s also white but instead of brushed stainless steel it features a white enamel-coated steel exterior.

But these minor differences are only about looks. All three distiller models are 100% identical in their inside: They combine a 304 stainless steel boiling chamber, dome, and cooling coils with a glass nozzle and a glass collector so the water never touches any plastic parts. This is to avoid recontamination of the purified water which is the case with some of the cheap distillers on the market – kind of destroys the purposes of using one in the first place…

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Megahome MH943SBS

Megahome MH943SBS

Price: $$$
Material: Stainless Steel + Glass
Output: 1 Gallon in 5½ Hours
Warranty: 1 Year

Our Rating

Megahome MH943SBS Water Distiller – Key Features

Most importantly, Megahome water distillers process 1 gallon of water in a 5-and-a-half-hour cycle. If you do the math, the maximum distilled water output per day is around 4 gallons which is plenty of water.

Speaking of math, a power consumption of 580W costs you 35 to 50 cents in electricity per cycle, depending on your kWh price. This equals $10-15 per month if you distill 1 gallon of water each day. Not bad at all compared to the cost of bottled water!

What will be removed from your water? Well, you’ll end up with almost pure H2O. And to prevent volatile contaminants from re-entering the purified water, activated carbon filter sachets are used. They’re coconut-based and also eliminate any unpleasant tastes and odors.

By the way, the filter housing comes with a glass insert – think recontamination.

On top of that, usage can’t get any easier. Simply fill the boiling chamber and hit the start button. The distiller will automatically shut off when it’s done.

MH943SBS Pros

More pros:

  • The distillers are easy to clean (more below).
  • Megahome water distillers are UL-listed and approved. Underwriters Laboratory is an independent company that tests products for safety standards compliance.
  • All materials are BPA-free.
  • Replacement parts are available online.
  • 1 year warranty.

Megahome MH943SBS

The Megahome MH943SBS – learn more on


Setting up a Megahome distiller really is child’s play. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pull the top off the base.
  2. Remove the glass collector from inside the boiling chamber.
  3. Assemble the collector. This only takes a few minutes but make sure to have a Phillips screw driver at the ready.
  4. Fill the heating coil to the full line.
  5. Add 1 tablespoon of residue cleaner (included) into the tank. Don’t worry, it’s just citric acid.
  6. Put the top back on.
  7. Plug in the power cord. The distiller should start working automatically. Hearing the fan is a good indicator that the system is running.
  8. Discard the first gallon of water. It may contain residues from the manufacturing.
  9. Fold 1 activated carbon post-filter pouch and put it in the nozzle.
  10. Clip the nozzle into the nozzle of the unit.


The Package

  • Megahome water distiller
  • Power cord
  • Condenser top
  • Residue cleaner, 8 ounces
  • Activated carbon filter pack, 6 sachets
  • Glass collection bottle, 1 gallon
  • Glass nozzle Insert


To get the most out of a Megahome water distiller and increase its lifetime, cleaning the stainless steel boiling chamber on a regular basis is recommended. You should follow the procedure at least once per month. Although, you can do this much more often if you want:

  1. Remove the top.
  2. Pour hot water into the tank. Pour until the water level has surpassed the residue build-up level.
  3. Add at least 1 tablespoon citric acid cleaner, depending on how severe the staining.
  4. Start the distiller and let it boil for 20+ minutes.
  5. Unplug the main power cord from the wall outlet.
  6. Wait until the distiller has cooled down.
  7. Wipe any residues with a cloth or dishtowels.
  8. Repeat the process if need be.

What you shouldn’t do is use an abrasive brush or cleaner. This could damage the surface of the stainless steel tank and eventually cause leakage.

As far as the activated carbon filter sachets are concerned, they last around 30 gallons before they need replacement. A good indicator that it’s time for a new one is when you notice a strange taste or odor in your water. Cost? They’re super affordable so no need to be stingy!


You can check the manual here:

MH943SBS Cons

Overall customer feedback is extremely positive. However, a few people complained about the following issues:

  • You have to push the start button firmly-enough for a few seconds, otherwise the machine might not turn on.
  • The distiller shuts off prematurely for no apparent reason.
  • If you wait for the water distiller to shut off on its own at the end of a distillation cycle, residues might already have baked to the stainless steel. That’s because the distiller keeps heating until all water has evaporated. That’s just bad design and it could make the unit die early. Luckily, there’s an easy fix: Of course, there’s no on/off switch so you can’t turn off the unit manually unless you pull the plug, but that’s inconvenient. However, you can use a timer switch and program it to turn off right before the end of the distillation cycle. This will prevent the water to dry out completely and slow down scaling.

Megahome MH943SBS Review: Our Verdict + Best for

Distillation processes almost always achieve equal results in terms of contaminant reduction rates. However, not all water distillers are created equal. Megahome water distillers completely avoid leaching of chemicals and other substances into the water by making sure it only gets in touch with stainless steel and glass.

People say it’s a great purchase, everything works exactly as advertised, and the water tastes very pure. 5 stars!

The Megahome MH943SBS is best if you want water distillation without plastic that’s easy to use and approved for safety.

This completes our review of the Megahome MH943SBS. Questions? Ask away!

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