Sediment Filter Before or After Pressure Tank? Learn Here!

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Installing a sediment filter before or after a pressure tank is a commonly discussed issue in household water filtration.

Opinions are divided on the subject for sure.

There seem to be good arguments on both sides. Let’s see what these are!

Key Takeaways

  • Installing your sediment filter after your pressure tank is usually the ideal choice for most households.
  • While some households can benefit from installing the filter before the pressure tank – especially in cases where the tank is more difficult to drain and clean – this is an exception rather than the norm.

Sediment Filter Before or After Pressure Tank?

The main argument in favor of installing a sediment filter before the pressure tank is that it will prevent dirt and debris from entering the tank. However, that doesn’t always make a significant difference. Most pressure tanks are easy to drain and clean and the additional maintenance requirements don’t impact the lifestyle of the homeowner too much.

Installing the sediment filter before the pressure tank also comes with some disadvantages. Most notably, if the filter gets clogged, this could lead to a pressure drop that could cause damage to the pump if it runs excessively.

We’ve found that installing the sediment filter after the pressure tank is the ideal choice for most households. The additional maintenance you’ll have to perform on the pressure tank is negligible compared to the potential issues you can face if your pump gets damaged. As long as your tank is easy to drain, you have very little to lose by installing the sediment filter after it.

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Spin-Down Filters

With a spin-down filter, the ideal approach is to install it on the pump’s pressure side, directly after the pressure tank. That way, you’ll minimize any damage to the pump from a build-up of sediment. It can also help simplify the maintenance of your filter without requiring you to shut off the pump every time you want to clean it.

The general rule of thumb for sediment filters still applies here. The earlier you filter your water before it enters other components of the water system, the better it is for the system as a whole. You’ll minimize the maintenance requirements of other components at the cost of having to replace the filter cartridge a bit more often. In most cases, that tradeoff is well worth it.

If you have any thoughts about the question, sediment filter before pressure tank or after, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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