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Watts Premier Pure 4-Stage RO System Review


In this brief Watts Premier Pure review, you will learn about the essential advantages and disadvantages that the system provides as well as for whom it is best suited for.

What We Like

The RO-Pure 4-Stage reverse osmosis system from Watts Premier is suited for smaller households as it is very compact and does not have the high amount of water output per day that you usually get with larger systems. Additionally, it was designed to fit under kitchen sinks that don't provide enough space for bigger sized water filtration units.

Installing the system is simple and straightforward. Even non-experts can simply follow installation instructions without hassle. By the way, filter exchange is extremely simple, too. All you have to do is push a button and replace the filters.

  •    Price: $
  •    Water Purity: 99%
  •    Filter Stages: 4
  •    Gallons per Day: 50
  •    Warranty (Years): 3
  •    Shut-Off Function:

As stated above, the system processes up to 50 gpd in a 4-stage filtration process removing 99% of water contaminants, such as chemicals and microorganisms.

Two other great things to mention about the model is that it does not only get tested and verified by WQA, the Watts Premier RO-Pure is oftentimes available for under $250 on Amazon.

What We Don't Like

We don't like the fact that the system doesn't come with a drain adapter for sinks with a garbage disposal.

Above that, every so often the filter unit might make noises while processing water.

Our Verdict

The Watts Premier RO-Pure reverse osmosis system is not the best filtration unit out there on the market, but suited for smaller households on a budget as it is one of the few models that are available for under $200.

If you are not running on a budget, we recommend you to opt for a different model.

Watts premier RO-Pure System

Watts Premier Installation Instructions

In order to support you with installing the Pure 4-stage water filter unit, Watts Premier has created an installation instructions video, which can be viewed right below:

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