Well Water Filtration System Rental – What You Need to Know

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If you own a well and want to filter your household water supply, investing in a whole house water filter is the best long-term option.

However, it’s not cheap – and in many cases, the upfront cost of the filter itself is only a small part of the equation. You must also account for ongoing expenses like cartridge replacements and general maintenance of the filter.

In some cases, renting a well water filtration system can turn out to be more cost-efficient. If you plan on moving out in the near future, this option makes more sense than spending money on your own filter. Of course, a whole house filter can increase the value of your home if you plan on selling it, so that’s another angle worth considering.

Here is everything you need to know about well water filtration system rental.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of renting a well water filter is generally below $50 per month.
  • In general, renting is a more viable option than buying especially if you have plans to eventually move out. 
  • More pros of renting:
    • You can try before you buy.
    • You can experiment with different products without commitment.
    • Rental companies will provide you with additional support for maintenance and repairs.
  • Cons of renting:
    • More expensive long-term.
    • You don’t own the system.
    • You might be on the hook for damage costs.

Renting a Well Water Filtration System

Renting a whole house filtration system for well water is a cost-efficient way of purifying your whole water supply. Several companies on the market offer rental services for water filters, and some also offer additional products like water softeners. Renting a combo instead of just a filtration system can make sense if you also want to reduce the hardness of your well water.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Well Water Filter?

The cost of renting a well water filter varies across the board, but is generally beneath $50 per month. Companies like High Quality Water & Air occasionally offer special deals that go as low as $29.95/month for a full-featured whole house filtration system.

Culligan Water has even better time-limited deals, including a promotion for new customers that gives you a whole house water filtration system for just $9.95/month for the first three months of your contract.

Renting a Well Water Filter-Softener Combo

If you can’t find any good deals on whole house well water filter rentals in your area, you should look for combo offers that include water softeners, too. Those are more popular on the market and you might have more options available in your area.

Water softeners alone cost around $30-40 per month according to our findings. To give you another example, High Quality Water & Air offers rentals starting at $39.95/month. While the company doesn’t explicitly offer any combo packages, it’s worth sending a message to their customer service to check if they might be willing to cut you a better deal if you need to rent both water filter and water softener.

dual tank water softener setup

Renting vs Buying a Well Water Treatment System

Renting or buying is always an important consideration for more expensive products. Well water treatment systems are no exception. There are advantages to both options, and you should do enough research about your own situation before settling on a specific decision.

Pros and Cons of Renting

Pro: Try It Before You Buy It

Renting a well water treatment system is a good way to check if it’s a suitable solution for your own situation without committing to a full purchase. It’s unfortunate to buy something that ends up incompatible with your household in the long run for whatever reason. Sometimes those issues are hard to anticipate without actually using the system for some time.

Pro: Experiment with Different Products without Commitment

You can try several different well water filtration systems before settling on a particular one. Some rental contracts may be a bit prohibitive with regards to how quickly you’re allowed to cancel, but even that’s still better than spending the money on the system yourself and trying to sell it before buying a replacement.

Pro: Better Options for Maintenance and Repairs

Many rental companies will provide you with additional support and maintenance for the systems you’re renting from them. If something goes wrong – and it’s not directly your fault – you can expect the company to handle the repair for free, at least partially. This is much more convenient than having to pay out of your own pocket every time something goes wrong.

Con: You Don’t Own the System

In the end, it’s not your system, so you can’t use it to make your home look more attractive to potential buyers and other similar purposes. If you decide to move, your new location might not be covered by the rental company, forcing you to cancel the contract.

Con: You Might Be on the Hook for Damage Costs

If you break something or cause a malfunction in the system, and it can be tied to your negligence directly, the company will likely come after you for any repair costs and associated expenses. This will usually be much more expensive than repairing the same problem in your own well water filter, as the company will tack on labor, administrative expenses, and other costs.

Pros and Cons of Buying

Pro: The System Is Yours Forever

Once you’ve bought a well water filter system, it’s yours to keep. You can sell it if you don’t need it, you can move it to a new location, and generally do anything you want with it.

Pro: Improve Your Home’s Value

If you ever decide to sell your home, having a filtration system can be an attractive factor to potential buyers. It may even raise your home’s value by more than the price of the filtration system itself, depending on the circumstances.

Pro: You’re Free to Make Modifications

Need to change something in your filtration system? That’s often difficult (if not impossible) when you’re renting, but you’re free to make any adjustments you need when you own the system. This can be useful if you decide to add additional filter stages, for example.

Con: More Expensive Upfront

Buying means that you have to spend the full purchase price yourself and upfront. While you might be able to take advantage of some financing deals, that’s not a guarantee. You must also anticipate the cost of any filter replacements and other maintenance.

Con: Usually No Additional Support Beyond Standard Warranty

Most filter manufacturers offer comprehensive warranty plans that cover you against most types of damage you’re not responsible for. However, you not always get support for the installation or long-term maintenance. Also, you have to provide the funds for those yourself, and they can get quite expensive with some models.

About Rent to Own

Rent to own can be a good offer when it’s available. As the name implies, it’s similar to purchasing a product and paying in installments. However, there might be some limitations during the rental period – for example, you may not be allowed to modify the system or resell it until you’ve fully paid it off.


If you want to purchase your whole house well water filtration system but can’t afford it outright, financing is a good option. This may be provided directly by the manufacturer or through third-party companies. Check to make sure that you won’t have to pay too much in the way of interest rates and other factors attached to the deal though.

What to Consider Before Buying/Renting a Well Water Filtration System

If you want to rent or buy a well water filtration system, there are several main points to consider. You should always start with a thorough test of your well water supply to verify the kinds of contaminants you’re dealing with and their amount.

Water Analysis + Filter Type

If you haven’t tested your well water before, you must do that before settling on any specific type of filter. Many laboratories provide this service for a fee. Make sure to carefully follow their guidelines for collecting a sample for testing. You may be required to take the sample at a specific location, let your water run for a certain amount of time, or observe other considerations.

Water Testing Report

Home Size (Flow Rate)

Larger households typically need a higher flow rate to satisfy the needs of all occupants properly. Using a filter that’s too small will create a bottleneck which will prevent water from flowing properly out of faucets and other exit points. It could also lead to your filter clogging up faster.

Homeowner or Tenant

Things are significantly easier if you’re a homeowner compared to when you’re renting. If you’re a tenant, you must always get permission from your landlord for modifications like a water filter. Be prepared for the possibility that they might say no, especially if you want to rent your filter instead of buying it.

Your Budget

Renting is cheaper in the short term, but it ends up more expensive in the future. If your budget allows for it, it’s always a good idea to consider purchasing the entire system upfront. That way, you’ll only have to account for the expense of replacing filter cartridges and other general maintenance down the road.

Space Requirements

A whole house water filter requires some space to install. Most houses should be able to support at least a small filter. If you live in a particularly packed home, your choice of filters might be more limited.


Renting a well water filtration system is sometimes a more viable option than buying it. If you have plans to eventually move out or want to keep your options more open, renting is a great idea. However, it comes with its own set of considerations that are important to address if you don’t want to end up in a financial trap.

If you have any questions about well water filtration system rental please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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