How to Install an RO System with a Garbage Disposal? Learn Here!

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Using a garbage disposal alongside a reverse osmosis system is certainly possible, but it comes with a couple of precautions which not everyone is aware of.

As long as you pay attention to how you’re hooking everything up and where you’re installing different components of the system, you should be fine though.

Learn everything you need to know below!

Key Takeaways

  • When installing an RO system with a garbage disposal, make sure to place the RO drain saddle upstream and as far away as possible from the garbage disposal.

How to Install an RO System with a Garbage Disposal?

So, how can you install an RO system with a garbage disposal?

The most important thing to remember when installing a reverse osmosis system with a garbage disposal unit in place, is that the RO system’s drain connection must always be upstream of the garbage disposal. In addition, it should be kept as far away as possible. If you install the RO drain saddle too close to the garbage disposal, or downstream from it, you can expect your drain line to get clogged up very fast and your reverse osmosis system will eventually stop working properly.

So again, install the drain saddle of your reverse osmosis system upstream and as far away as possible from the garbage disposal.

Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System

Garbage Disposal Drain Adapter

You can also use a garbage disposal drain adapter instead of a standard drain saddle. Garbage disposal drain adapters are cheap and easy to install. You can buy one for less than $20, and installing it is as simple as cutting it down to the appropriate size (using predefined cut markers) and installing it between the current connections under your sink.

This adapter allows you to combine the two lines (your RO drain line and the garbage disposal line) without them interfering with each other or any risk of backflow.

What Else to Consider When Picking the Right Drain Saddle Location

Other than that, there are only a couple of minor additional considerations you need to make when installing a reverse osmosis system alongside a garbage disposal.

Above J or P-Trap

The drain saddle should always be installed above the P-trap or J-trap of your drainpipe (depending on which one you’re using). The system will not function correctly at all otherwise.

Horizontally or Vertically

Try to install the drain saddle for the reverse osmosis system horizontally whenever possible. While installing it vertically is technically possible, it’s not recommended as it can make your system noisier occasionally.

If you have any questions about installing an RO system with a garbage disposal please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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