Whole House Water Filter and Softener Combo Cost 2023

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Looking to invest in both a whole house water filter and water softener?

The costs are likely dictated by various factors.

In this article, we will delve into the different topics related to whole house water filter and softener combo cost to give you an idea of what to expect.

Key Takeaways

  • Whole house water filter and softener combos typically range from about $2,500 to $3,500 or more.
  • Expect to pay at least $400-1,000 for professional installation.
  • Maintenance costs vary between models. You may have to buy new filter cartridges and softening salt.

How Much Does a Whole House Water Filter and Softener Combo Cost? | Price Overview

Let’s start off with a price overview of several whole house water filter and softener combos:

Whole House Filter-Softener Combo Model Price Tag
SpringWell CSS1 Water Filter and Salt Based Water Softener $2,416.33 USD
SpringWell CSF4 Water Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener $2,948.16 USD
SpringWell WSSS1 Well Water Filter and Salt Based Water Softener $3,302.35 USD
Crystal Quest SMART Whole House Water Filter and Softener (9 gpm) $2,610.85 USD
SoftPro Elite Water Softener (40,000-Grain) with Well+ Pro Iron Filter (8-10 gpm) $3,289.00 USD
Everyday Series 48,000-Grain High Efficiency Water Softener with Point-of-use RO System $701.02 USD

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  • Filter Life of Up to 10 or More Years
  • Highest Salt and Water Regeneration Efficiency
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Whole House Water Filter-Softener Price Factors

There is no one price range for a whole house water filter and softener combo since there are many factors to consider. Look into these before making your final buying decision:

Complexity of Treatment Process

There are different whole house water filter systems on the market, and they all feature different filtration processes. More complex treatments will come with a higher price tag. Some systems are able to filter contaminants down to the molecule while others simply prevent floating particles, like dust, from seeping through.

Meanwhile, water softeners are either salt-based or salt-free. The latter can be more expensive.

System Capacity

In terms of capacity, you will need to know how long it takes before a whole house water filter needs to be replaced. For cartridge-based systems, you will need regular maintenance and cartridge replacements every 3 to 12 months which adds to the cost. If you want a system with a longer lifespan, go tank-based.

For salt-based water softeners, you would need to refill the salt in the brine tank on a regular basis. The frequency will be determined by the amount of water you consume and also the level of water hardness in your home. This is why having your water tested is crucial before shopping.


Some whole house water filter systems come with extras like pressure valves, tanks, pumps – you name it. These accessories can add to the cost of your combo system, so consider them when budgeting for your purchase.

System Size

A whole house water filter can come in different sizes, determined by the flow rate (the amount of water it can cleanse per minute). Naturally, bigger sizes will be more expensive.

In terms of water softeners, their size is usually dictated by the hardness level of your water. The higher the hardness, the bigger a system you’ll need.


The brand or manufacturer will also determine the cost of your whole house water filter and softener combo. Some companies are more well-known than others, and their products usually come with a heftier price tag.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that their products are better in quality. Do your research to find a balance between quality and price.


Warranties are important because they give you some financial protection in case a component in your filter or softener breaks down prematurely.

Make sure to check the type of warranty included in your purchase. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty while others only cover the first year.

Filter-Softener Combo Installation Cost

ball valve and other plumbing tools and supplies

Since we are talking about the installation of two systems, it will be more expensive if you were to hire a professional. However, some manufacturers offer free installation service.

You can also save a lot if you go for a DIY installation. But if you have no idea about plumbing, it is best to ask for help from a relative, friend, or neighbor who is familiar with the task. Or you can learn through online tutorials. The entire installation process should not take more than three hours.

Labor Cost When Hiring a Professional

The cost of labor when hiring a professional depends. Some plumbers charge per project while others charge by the hour. The type of system will also be factored in. For whole house water filter systems, the fee could range from $200 to $500+. You can expect to pay the same for water softener installation.

What’s Involved in Professional Installation?

For installation by a professional, the fee usually covers these:

  • Labor (site visit, installation, and system testing)
  • Cost of supplies
  • Equipment allowance

Expenses for Installation Supplies

Most water filter systems and water softeners already come with the supplies needed to install them. There will only be additional expenses if you need certain parts, like piping or fittings.

DIY Installation Cost

Professional services can break the budget, that’s why it’s in your best interest to also explore a DIY installation. If you choose this option, the only costs you need to worry about are the prices of the filter and softener themselves and any additional tools you need.

Permits and Inspection Cost

You don’t need any permits for a whole house water filter. For water softener it’s different, depending on where you live.

Also, it’s best to have your water inspected before investing your money. The cost of water testing ranges from $15 to $200+. DIY test kits are cheaper, but you’ll get more information about your water quality if you hire a professional.

DIY Installation vs. Hiring a Pro

DIY installation is not as intimidating as it sounds. If you are confident enough in your plumbing skills, you can save a lot. Basic installation kits could cost around $50 to $100, as opposed to professional services, which can reach up to $1,000.

However, check with your system’s manufacturer as well. Some companies will not honor the warranty if you don’t hire a licensed plumber to install your filter or softener.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Whole House Filter and Softener Combo?

Maintenance costs are determined by the type of filtration or softener system you have. Below are the details:

Maintenance Cost by System Type

In the case of whole house water filter systems, some would need replacement every few months – think cartridge-based systems. Filter cartridge prices differ. Sediment filters might cost $30 each, while carbon block filters could cost $50 or more.

Others, such as tank-based systems and reverse osmosis, can last years before they need to be serviced. But their initial costs are usually higher as well. If you’re shopping for a whole house water filter, think about your long-term investment.

Maintenance for water softeners is cheaper than for water filters, as long as you routinely check on them. If you haven’t been maintaining them properly, repairs could cost up to $900. However, salt-free water conditioners are typically maintenance-free.

If your water softener is working as intended, then you’ll only have to worry about salt refills. Water softener salt starts at around $5 to $10 per 40 lbs.

Cost Factor Monthly Cost
Sediment Filter Cartridge (Most Systems) ~$10 USD
Other Replacement Filter Cartridges (Cartridge-Based Filter Systems Only) ~$10-50 USD
Salt (Salt-Based Water Softeners Only) $5–25 USD
Water + Sewer ~$16 USD
Electricity Negligible
Servicing Free or ~$15 USD

Cost Example (First Year)

Finally, let’s look at a cost example for a whole house water filter-softener combo:

Cost Factor Total Cost (First Year)
System Purchase $3,000 USD
DIY Installation Kit $150 USD
Water Softener Salt (for 12 Months) $96 USD
Water + Sewer (for 12 Months) $150 USD
Maintenance (2x New Sediment Filter Cartridge) $60 USD
Total $3,456 USD

Buying Guide

Here’s a guide to choosing the right whole house water filter and softener combo for your home:

Testing Water Quality

It’s important to have your water tested to know what contaminants are present and how hard your water is. The test results will help you determine which filter and softener combo is necessary.

Choosing the Ideal Filter and Softener Type

Once you know what contaminants are currently in your water, you can narrow down your options.

Filtration Capacity

The filtration capacity of a whole house water filter is an important consideration. You’ll want to make sure the unit can handle the amount of water your household uses. Larger families or homes with high water usage may need a higher capacity unit, which will cost more.

Softener Capacity

salt-based water softener

Softening capacity is the amount of water a softener can process between two regeneration cycles. A unit that’s sized too small will need to regenerate more often which can be inconvenient and inefficient.

Water Flow Rate

The rate at which water flows through your home is an important factor to consider when selecting a filter and softener combo. A unit that can handle a higher flow rate will be more expensive than one with a lower flow rate. However, it’s important to choose a unit that can keep up with your water usage to avoid problems down the road.


NSF International is a third-party organization that verifies the claims of water treatment product manufacturers. When looking for a whole house water filter and softener combo, try to find one that has been certified or tested to NSF standards. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the product does what it claims to do.


​​Another important consideration is the space necessary to accommodate your new softener-filter system. These units can range in size, from small and compact to large and bulky. Make sure you have enough room to install and maintain yours.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation costs will depend on the complexity of your project. If you have a simple set-up, you may be able to install everything yourself and save on labor costs. Otherwise, you’ll need to factor in the cost of a professional. $500 is a good starting point.

Maintenance costs will also be determined by the type of systems you choose. This applies to the whole house filter in particular. Some require more frequent filter changes than others. It’s important to factor these into your budget when making your purchase.

Where to Buy a Whole House Water Filter and Softener System

There are a few places where you can buy these systems.

  • The first would be a local store that specializes in water treatment. These stores usually have a wide variety of different brands and types for you to choose from. They may also offer installation services.
  • You could also check your local home improvement store.
  • The third would be online retailers. Many websites sell whole house water filter and softener systems. The advantage to buying online is that you can often find a wider selection of products, and sometimes at lower prices than what you would find in stores.

How Does a Whole House Water Filter and Softener Combo Work?

Generally speaking, a whole house water filter works by first removing impurities or contaminants from your water supply. This is done through a process of filtration, which may involve multiple stages to remove as many particles as possible.

Once the water has been filtered, it will then pass through a water softener. This works by exchanging the hard minerals in your water for softer ones, which can help to improve both the taste and quality of your water.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Water Filter-Softener Combo?

Several benefits come with using a whole house water filter and softener combo.

  • Firstly, it can save you money in the long run as you may no longer need to buy bottled water.
  • Secondly, it can help reduce wear and tear on your appliances, as well as improve the quality of your clothes washed in hard water.
  • Finally, it provides peace of mind knowing that all the water entering your home is clean and free of harmful contaminants.

If you have any questions about whole house water filter and softener combo cost please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

*All prices last updated: January 2023

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